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Top 5 Best Supercharger for 5.7 L Hemi

The 5.7 L Hemi engine is a popular option in many Dodge and Chrysler vehicles. If you are looking for the best supercharger for this engine, there are a few things to consider. The first is what type of driving you do most often. If you mainly drive in the city or suburbs, you will need an air-to-air intercooled supercharger. But if you spend most of your time on the highway, an air-to-water intercooled supercharger would be a better option.

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Best Supercharger for 5.7 L Hemi

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What is Supercharger

Best Supercharger for 5.7 L Hemi

Superchargers are a type of compressor used to increase a car’s power output. They work by, in essence, packing more air into the cylinder which produces more energy from combustion, thus creating more engine power.

In fact, supercharger is short for “supercharging”, and is usually presented as an alternative to turbocharging (which uses a turbine to compress the air inside the cylinder). Functions of superchargers and turbo chargers are almost identical. Their major difference is that turbo chargers use hot exhaust gases to spin turbines, whereas superchargers don’t.

Recently, Chrysler has made its debut with the world’s first 5.7L V8 Hemi engine supercharged production car called the SRT Viper.

Why is it important to upgrade Supercharger in 5.7 Hemi?

The Chrysler 5.7 L Hemi engine is a great choice for powering your vehicle because of its power and efficiency. It’s an upgrade on the older model Hemi engines, but there are still issues with it that need to be worked out.

One issue is the Supercharger in the early models of this Hemi engine. The design of the early models was poor and that’s why it’s important to upgrade it.

The Supercharger is an essential part of a Hemi engine because it increases the amount of air going into the engine, allowing higher levels of fuel to be introduced. When this is combined with high octane gasoline, you get a great power boost.

The Supercharger in the early 5.7l Hemi models is known to fail prematurely, allowing damage or even complete engine failure. The current version of the supercharger in the later model Hemi engines addresses this problem by increasing power output and reliability. The upgrades are designed to keep the supercharger working at its full potential much longer.

So, when you are looking at buying a Hemi engine for your vehicle it’s important to be aware of the year of the model in question. The earlier models have known problems with their original Supercharger design. If you want to upgrade your supercharger in 5.7l Hemi so that it will last much longer, you can follow the information in this article.

The upgrade process is fairly simple, especially if you are replacing your 5.7l Hemi engine entirely because of problems with the supercharger or other issues. If that’s not what you plan to do, then you might want to just replace the Supercharger itself instead of the entire engine.

Either way, this article will have the information you need to decide on your own solution to the Supercharger issue in early 5.7 Hemi engines.

How to choose Supercharger for 5.7 Hemi RAM?

Best Supercharger for 5.7 L Hemi

The all new 5.7 Hemi V8 engine has been beefed up to produce more power and torque with lower fuel consumption than its predecessor. This engine is found in the Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 series of heavy duty pick-up trucks as well as some variants of Chrysler’s Grand Cherokee models.

Ram trucks with the 5.7 Hemi engine have a power specific fuel consumption (or PSFC) of 10.97 gallons per 100 miles (which is above average), and it produces 390 foot-pounds of torque at 4000 rpm, with 25% more horsepower than its predecessor.

It’s important to note that the 5.7 Hemi engine does not come with a supercharger from the factory, and has been known to run into problems if one is added.

Most Cummins powered Ram trucks get around 11 gallons per 100 miles (which is above average), and produce torque figures in excess of 650 foot-pounds at 1600 rpm; they also come fitted with a factory turbocharger.

So how is this relevant to finding the best supercharger for 5.7 hemi RAM? Let’s find out.

The stock engine in a 2014 Ram 1500 with the 3.0 liter EcoDiesel V6 produces 240 horsepower and 420 foot-pounds of torque at 2000 rpm – and has an impressive specific fuel consumption (or SFC) of only 8.05 gallons per 100 miles.

However, the story changes when you compare it with another 2014 edition of Ram 1500 – this time having the 5.7 Hemi V8 engine under its hood. This second generation Hemi engine produces 395 foot-pounds of torque at 4000 rpm, and has a specific fuel consumption (or SFC) of 10.97 gallons per 100 miles; not as good as the 3.0 liter EcoDiesel V6 engine found in other models.

Though it’s tough to beat the EcoDiesel engine in terms of power output and mileage figures, you can give your Ram a boost with a supercharger.

To get a horsepower to weight ratio close to the EcoDiesel V6, you’ll need around 500 foot-pounds of torque at 2000 rpm. This can be achieved by installing either an air intake and headers (for off-road use), or adding a turbocharger such as the Banks Ram-Air intake system.

In most cases, adding a supercharger is the way to go if you want horsepower and torque figures that are close to, or better than what can be achieved with an aftermarket turbocharger or air intake/headers.

However, choose carefully – as some superchargers work better with the 5.7 Hemi engine than others, and there are a few things you must know before going the supercharger route.

Best Supercharger for 5.7 Hemi RAM

There are many modifications that can be done to enhance the performance of your 5.7 HEMI truck. A common modification is the installation of a supercharger . Supercharging or turbocharging adds more power by pressurizing the intake air through “boosting” it with an extra turbine inlet. Boost refer to the pressure created inside the engine- most standard engines operate at 10 pounds per square inch (PSI), which means that if you were to measure atmospheric pressure at sea level, where it normally reads 14.7 PSI – this would equate to about 10 pounds with no boost. This increases air velocity and allows for more oxygen into your engine- thus making it stronger than before!

When you are looking for the best supercharger for 5.7 L Hemi, you can trust Vortech Superchargers to be one of the leading manufacturers of quality supercharging systems. They have been in business through four decades and currently produce more than 1000 supercharger systems per year, enough to equip about 70 new vehicles every day. Their products are known not only for their reliability but also for their great power potential that comes with a reasonable price tag.

The entire line-up of Vortech products includes three types of belt-driven centrifugal blowers that provide large amounts of air into the intake manifold: Roots type SC is used mostly on drag race cars to maximize low-end torque, TVS rotors are perfect for street cars with an emphasis on high-end power, while V-7 JT is designed specifically for lifted trucks.

All of their SCs rotate in the same direction so they can be used only in specific application. For example, if you decide to buy a new camshaft with more aggressive timing to maximize your engine’s power potential, make sure that your supercharger rotates in the correct direction too. It takes 2 minutes to check by looking at it from above but it may cost you several hundred horsepower down the road if you get it wrong!

Here is the list of top 5 best superchargers for 5.7 L hemi engines:

Vortech YSi Supercharger

Best Supercharger for 5.7 L Hemi Vortech YSi

Vortech YSi is among the most popular superchargers. It is centrifugal-type supercharger that delivers constant boost pressure no matter at what RPM you are driving, providing instant power all the way to red line. It has an inlet diameter of 3.5″ and an internal compression ration of 9:1 which means it can support up to 875 hp of horsepower on pump gas with proper mods done to your 5.7 L hemi engine.

If you are into drag racing then this product comes with a complete bottom kit that includes cast aluminum manifold, front “chin” spacer for improved throttle response, billet aluminum drive pulley for belt tension adjustment, installation hardware and complete instructions – everything you need to bolt it on and go!

Vortech V-7 JT supercharger system is one of the most popular among offroad enthusiasts because it combines high power potential and affordability. However, you need to know that centrifugal blower’s internal compression ration is only 7.25:1 which means it cannot produce as much boost pressure as other models with higher ratios can. Still, this product has a great value for your money especially if you are looking for something to make your lifted truck faster but don’t want to break the bank doing it!

This supercharger comes with everything you need for easy installation including all instructions that will help you save time and money. It has fewer parts than its Roots type counterparts making installation easier and thus making the whole process less time consuming.

Vortech V-3 Si-Trim Supercharger

Best Supercharger for 5.7 L Hemi Vortech V-3 Si Trim

Vortech V-3 is self-contained and does not need an external oil supply, air filter and other components you need to buy for a Roots type supercharger. Just bolt it on and go! It has a maximum boost pressure of 15 psi which means it will provide higher levels of power than 5 psi offered by stock supercharger.

Since this type of blower was designed as a complete system, it comes with all the components including front “chin” spacer for throttle response improvement but does not include installation instructions that can be downloaded from Vortech’s website or provided upon request after you purchase this product.

You still need to buy the appropriate injectors and a fuel management system that will allow you to adjust for higher boost pressure and horsepower levels. This centrifugal supercharger also has a higher internal compression ration of 10:1 which means it can produce more power than Vortech YSi and V-7 JT blowers without modifications done to your engine.

Vortech V-3 supercharger is an “average Joe” among other products on our list – not as popular as its YSi or JT counterpart but still very powerful and affordable! It’s great bang for the buck for those who want improved performance without breaking their budget at the same time!

Whipple 466 Hemi Supercharger

Best Supercharger for 5.7 L Hemi Whipple 466

Whipple 466 is different than other superchargers on our list because it has an air-to-air intercooler instead of one produced by the centrifugal design. It has inlet and outlet size of 3.5″ which makes it compatible with all 5.7 L hemi engines equipped with a stock or aftermarket cold air intake system.

This unit comes complete with installation instructions that can be viewed online here . You still need to purchase necessary components for this supercharger to work properly including injectors, fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump, crank case ventilation system, oil cooling system and others depending on your particular mods done to your truck – contact Whipple’s customer service department for more information about these components and their compatibility with this product.

Whipple model 466 has a maximum boost pressure of 7 psi which means it will provide you with more power than stock blower can produce but not as much as JT or YSi models for example. It’s the most expensive product on our list but it’s also the best performing one as well as having a great reputation among 5.7 hemi engine owners!

Whipple Supercharger for Dodge 5.7 Hemi engines

Best Supercharger for 5.7 L Hemi Whipple

This Whipple supercharger is very similar to the one listed number 3 on our list – just like that unit, this one comes with an air-to-air intercooler and was designed for use with all common cold air intake and throttle body combinations available on the market for 5.7 hemi engines.

It has installation instructions that can be viewed online here  and it’s also compatible with fuel systems that feature returnless fuel rail assemblies – just like Whipple 466 model listed above.

Just like most other Whipple products, this one does not include necessary components such as injectors, fuel management system, oil cooling system and others needed to make this supercharger work properly so you need to buy them separately or contact company’s customer service department for more information about these components and their compatibility with this product.

Whipple Supercharger is slightly less expensive than its “brother” listed above but still performs great and will provide the extra power you need!

ProCharger P1-SC supercharger kit for 5.7 hemi engines

Best Supercharger for 5.7 L Hemi Procharger

ProCharger is known as one of the biggest names when it comes to centrifugal superchargers – they are not only very popular, but also innovative and constantly improving their products to provide better performance than competing brands. This unit can be used with stock or aftermarket cold air intake systems with the exception of some models designed by K&N which require their filter element to be removed before installation. It’s compatible with all common throttle body types including electric, cable actuated and manual varieties with the only exception being electronic throttle control system found on 6.4 L HEMI trucks that requires additional adaptor kit sold separately.

This supercharger is sold in two versions – one that’s intended for trucks with manual transmission and another part number that’s intended for use on trucks equipped with automatic transmissions.

You can view installation guide here . This unit is compatible with 2015-2016 Dodge Ram models but it can be used on older models too if you purchase the required components such as oil cooler system, fuel injectors etc. separately – contact company customer service department for details about these components and their compatibility.

ProCharger P1-SC supercharger kit will provide you with great power output, looks very nice installed on your truck and is known to deliver excellent performance without any problems or glitches.

These are great products that work well and deliver excellent performance, you can also use it to gain lots of HP if you have the proper supporting modifications installed on your truck!

Where is Supercharger located in 5.7 Hemi?

Supercharger is also known as a compressor, it increases air pressure and forces more air into the engine. This will give you more power. Supercharger location was in front of 5.7 Hemi (hemispherical combustion chamber).

How to change the Supercharger

Best Supercharger for 5.7 L Hemi

For whatever reason, there is a huge variety of superchargers made for the 5.7 L Hemi.

Step 1.

Open up your typical Chinese SC kit box and take out all the parts found in it. Be aware that not every kit has exactly the same part list as another kit circulating around on CraigsList or eBay stores , but most kits do contain this basic.

  • An oil line that runs from the SC down to the engine’s oil pan.
  • A belt for the supercharger to run off of, along with hardware so it can be mounted securely.
  • Usually a “boost tube” made of rubber or plastic which is used to connect your intake manifold up to your new SC’s top port where air is forced into.

Step 2.

Install all of these parts according to their individual instructions except one. The belt should be installed first on the bottom of the SC pulley, then bolted onto something secure within arm’s reach- you’ll need this more than once during installation! Afterward, attach everything else onto your cold-air intake tubing or some other part close by that can connect to the SC’s top port.

Step 3.

Now that you have a complete supercharger kit with everything installed, let’s take it out of your garage and into your vehicle! Before starting the engine, take a moment to double-check all your connections one last time to make sure everything is done correctly. In some cases, additional tuning parts may be required such as an intake manifold gasket or computer tuning from a professional tuner. These are usually extra costs on top of what you have already spent on the kit itself, now back to work!

  • Make sure the oil line is securely attached and NOT leaking any fluids!
  • Make sure your new belt has no visible cracks in it and is not too loose or too tight.
  • Make sure all of the SC kit’s mounting hardware is installed and secure.

Step 4.

Now you can start your vehicle’s engine. Don’t expect a huge amount of power from this supercharger kit immediately, as it will take a few minutes for everything to heat up and work correctly. The first time you start the car may be a little weird- if there is a noticeable “lurch” or some sort of lag when accelerating from a stop light, do not worry about it! This is due to existing air pressure inside the intake manifold still being higher than the new extra pressurized air being forced into it from the SC kit. So give your car about 5 minutes before worrying about it.

Step 5.

Once you have waited at least 5 minutes, take your vehicle out for a test drive! You should feel an increase in power and performance by now. But don’t get too excited, because there are still some things to check.

  • The first thing is to make sure the supercharger belt does not need adjusting or tightening at all after driving around for awhile. Sometimes these belts will stretch over time depending on how often they are used, causing them to loose tension which slows down the SC kit’s ability to pressurize intake air.
  • If everything looks good so far with the belt situated correctly, take your car out on a longer drive to see if any leaks have appeared from anywhere. Look underneath your car for any oil or coolant on the pavement after your drive, as this can be a sign of an issue.
  • If everything looks good after your test drive with no new leaks appearing, congratulations! You have successfully installed your supercharger kit correctly.

Step 6.

Now that you know you have done everything right so far, it is time to take advantage of all the extra power you now have available at your fingertips! Remember before when I said additional tuning parts may be required? This is one of those times where that statement comes into play. Tuning will not only improve performance and drivability, but also protect major components underneath the hood from damage over time. These are usually very affordable options compared to taking your vehicle to an expensive shop.

Step 7.

Congratulations again on installing your supercharger kit properly! As you can see, that was not too difficult of a process – even if you are new to the “do-it-yourself” scene. Now go drive your car and try giving it some extra pedal in order to hear what it sounds like with all that extra power you may want to go buy yourself a nice set of aftermarket headers next.


The Vortech YSi Supercharger is the best supercharger for 5.7 L Hemi engines. The Mopar part has the next-gen technology to ensure longevity and smooth power gains over time, as well as advanced tuning options to provide an easy installation process that doesn’t require much user input.
This supercharger is easy to install, works great on your HEMI powered Dodge Cummins and will deliver excellent performance if you have additional supporting modifications installed on your engine. Keep in mind that it comes without anything but what’s needed for installation so make sure you pick up exhaust manifolds able to handle boost pressure from same manufacturer before buying this product!

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