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Top 5 Best Long Tube Headers for 5.7 Hemi Challenger

It can be tough to find the best long tube headers for your 5.7 Hemi Challenger. With so many options on the market, how can you know which set is right for your car? In this post, we’ll help you make the right decision by recommending our favorite headers for Challengers with the 5.7 Hemi engine. We’ll also provide a few tips on how to install them properly. Read on to learn more!

best long tube headers for 5.7 hemi challenger

What is Long Tube Headers

Best Long Tube Headers for 5.7 Hemi Challenger

Long tube headers are a type of headers for vehicles that increase the performance, power and sound of the vehicle. They usually consist of four primary elements: exhaust pipes, flanges, catalytic converters and mufflers.

These long tube headers are for anyone who wants a low-cost product to increase the performance and sound of their 5.7 hemi challenger.

What types of Long Tube Headers are available for 5.7 Hemi Challenger?

Many individuals are looking for aftermarket long tube headers to improve the performance of their 5.7 Hemi Challenger. This article will explain how long tubular headers (LT) & shorty headers (ST) differ and the benefits of both, as well as which type is best suited to your car’s needs.

The 5.7 Hemi Challenger equips with a set of cylinder headers that were very carefully designed and produced. These headers feature specifically tailored design and material specs to ensure that the engine runs smoothly while providing the most horsepower possible under normal conditions. Because of this, it may be difficult for street vehicles to receive significant benefits from aftermarket long tube headers; however, off-road vehicles such as race cars may realize gains of 10-15 horsepower or more. There are several manufacturers of long tube headers for Challengers equipped with a V8 Hemi gasoline engine: Diablosport Tuner, Flowtech Headers, Pro Comp, Schoenfeld Headers and Hooker Super Competition Headers (HSC).

There are various kinds of long tube headers for 5.7 Hemi Challenger.

Five types of long tube headers for Hemi Challenger are Ceramic Coated, Aluminized, Stainless Steel, Tri-Flow and Hooker BlackHeart.

Ceramic Coated – The coating is more than just for looks. This coating protects against the harmful effects of engine heat such as corrosion or oxidation that can shorten the life expectancy of your 5.7 Hemi Challenger headers. It also acts as a thermal barrier that reflects heat away from the exhaust gases while trapping radiant heat in the exhaust stream which provides better scavenging effect (pumps up your engine). Aftermarket ceramic coatings come in either blue, black or silver color depending on preference.

Aluminized – Aluminizing is a heat-resistant process where aluminum headers are dipped in molten aluminum oxide. This method coats the headers with layers of aluminum oxide and makes them extremely durable and corrosion resistant. The result: your 5.7 Hemi Challenger can last longer than stainless steel or ceramic coated headers and they don’t need to be repainted so you save money in the long run.

Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is pure chromium, an element that provides high resistance to both heat and corrosion which makes it suitable for use as exhaust tubing material. The downside: your 5.7 Hemi Challenger headers will eventually rust after repeated exposure to elements such as snow, rain, salt, etc…so this type needs regular maintenance.

Tri-Flow – Tri Flow is a complete 3-step polishing process that ends in perfectly mirrored chrome plated headers for your 5.7 Hemi Challenger aftermarket. They are polished to maximum shine which makes them perfect for show cars but not suitable for heavy use because the chrome could peel off when it gets scratched too much by road debris or rocks so this type needs regular maintenance and special care.

Hooker BlackHeart – The polished T409 stainless steel tubing is mandrel bent, CNC cut and machine flanged to ensure easy installation on your 5.7 Hemi Challenger. The built-in merge collector minimizes back pressure while maximizing engine efficiency to improve power output and economy over stock manifolds while keeping under-hood temperatures down. This type doesn’t need regular maintenance and special care as it is more durable than Tri Flow.

Which type of long tube headers for 5.7 Hemi Challenger should you choose? If this is your first time buying a set of long tube headers, we recommend choosing either Ceramic Coated or Aluminized. Your 5.7 Hemi Challenger headers will last longer and you won’t have to worry too much about maintenance as it is also not that expensive to replace them once they do wear out. If your goal is just to enhance the sound of your engine, we recommend choosing Tri Flow or Hooker BlackHeart as these types give the best throaty and loud sound even without long tube headers.

Why is it important to upgrade Long Tube Headers in 5.7 Hemi Challenger?

In the 5.7L “Hemi” engines, one can unlock a great deal of horsepower by installing headers designed for this engine rather than re-purposing an older model’s header. The key to gaining power from a set of long tube headers in 5.7 Hemi Challenger is finding a system that increases air flow and reduces restrictions. Since the 5.7L Hemi engine is only restrictive in the stock (OEM) configuration, this is a critical factor in determining power and horsepower gains.

Make sure to choose a set of headers that significantly increase airflow without causing other problems such as overheating or incorrect fitment. This means you can expect to see gains across the entire power band.

How to choose Long Tube  Headers for 5.7 Hemi Challenger?

Best Long Tube Headers for 5.7 Hemi Challenger

The Hemi 5.7 Liter engine is one of the most popular V8 engines in modern car industry, its popularity is mainly due to its great power and efficiency.

Comparing with other Chrysler engines, the unique selling point of this engine is that it has a hemispherical cylinder head design also called hemi or hemi head which allows more efficient fuel consumption when driving at low RPMs especially in city driving conditions.

However many people prefer less OEM restrictive exhaust system for Dodge Challenger 5.7 Hemi because they want their cars to have better performance and sound too.

So what are some good choices for aftermarket headers? Here are some brands you may consider if you opt for LSX swap since these brands have experience building headers for LS engines. People also recommend Dynatech, Brodix and Hedman as other brands.

For best deals on Long tube headers you can try eBay or Amazon if they are compatible with your car model; these websites usually have the lowest prices (especially in USD).

Best Long Tube Headers for 5.7 Hemi Challenger

Best Long Tube Headers for 5.7 Hemi Challenger

We know that some people will have differing opinions on what is the best long tube headers for 5.7 Hemi Challenger, so we have created a list of five different options to help you make your decision and settled on the best possible product. All of these products come from reputable manufacturers and should be reliable enough that their lifetime outweighs their cost.

Let’s take a look at 5 best aftermarket headers for your Dodge Challenger SRT8 V8 5.7 Hemi and see what’s so great about them.

1) Corsa Performance Exhaust: Headers fit the Challenger SRT8 V8 5.7 Hemi. They are made from high quality stainless steel and come with performance-oriented design that will boost horsepower, torque as well as throttle response which is really good for tuning or racing your car. Special features include 100% bolt-on design that is easy to install, 1 year warranty for defects and damages during use.

Price: around $1,060

2) American Racing Headers: these are the first long tube headers made specifically to fit Dodge Challenger SRT8 V8 5.7 Hemi. They are made from high quality stainless steel that is polished for a mirror-like look and come with custom CNC-machined flanges. The headers feature 1 3/4″ primaries, 3 slip fit collectors and 2 O2 sensor bungs.

Price: around $1,180

3) TBS Racing SRT8 Performance Headers: these are high quality long tube headers made from thick stainless steel tubing. They come with CNC machined flanges that have laser cut port shape for optimized power and performance. The kit is designed to fit the Challenger SRT8 V8 5.7 Hemi engine, but it can be installed on all other Chrysler vehicles equipped with the 5.7 Hemi engine.

Price: around $1,360

4) Edelbrock Victor Jr.: these are long tube headers made from stainless steel with ceramic coating that will never rust or corrode even in high humidity conditions. They come with CNC machined flanges and feature laser-cut port shape for improved airflow.

Price: around $1,535

5) BBK Performance L-Series 5.7 Hemi Challenger Long Tube Headers: these are high quality headers made from thick T-304 stainless steel tubing and polished for a mirror-like finish. They come with CNC machined flanges that have laser cut port shape for increased airflow and more power.

Price: around $1,556

5) SLP Performance LTs: these are long tube headers made from thick stainless steel tubing and CNC machined flanges that feature laser cut port shape for improved airflow and performance. The kit is designed to fit the Challenger SRT8 V8 5.7 Hemi, but it can be installed on all other Chrysler vehicles equipped with the 5.7 Hemi engine.

Price: around $1,824

When should you change the Long Tube Header

Best Long Tube Headers for 5.7 Hemi Challenger

Long Tube Headers are one of the biggest modifications that can be done to your 5.7 Hemi Challenger. The question which you need to ask yourself is when should you change the long tube header?

The answer lies in engine performance, drive ability, and sound. If any one of these important factors is out of alignment with your needs or desires you may want to consider changing or upgrading your long tube headers. Here are some key steps for determining whether you have a problem with your current long tubes:

  • Are there cracks in my exhaust manifold? Cracks are always bad news because they lead to poor performance, worse fuel economy, and possible catastrophic failure. A cracked exhaust manifold will warrant an upgrade sooner rather than later.
  • Do I have a check engine light? This is usually an indicator of improperly tuned long tube headers. If you pay to have your car tuned and the problem goes away, this is a sign that your long tube header needs work as well.
  • Does my car run poorly at high rpm or low rpm range? This could mean that your primaries are too large for your application or that they aren’t matched properly to the rest of the exhaust system. A good tuner will be able to tell you which parts need replacing and how it will change your performance.
  • How much power do I want to make? While this isn’t always necessary if you plan on going with forced or a big camshaft, if you just want to upgrade your long tube headers it is a good idea. In general, the longer and bigger the primary tubes are on stock manifolds, the more horsepower potential they have.
  • How loud do I want my car? This might seem like an odd question but many people don’t realize that shorty headers actually make cars quieter than long tube headers do. If noise is important to you make sure you buy the appropriate long tube header set for this purpose (i.e., some sound better than others). You can also add smaller mufflers or swap out larger ones for quieter exhaust note.

There’s no solid answer about when to change your Long Tube Headers because it depends on how much power you’re making and how much you’re willing to spend. If you need help deciding, contact a professional tuner or exhaust company that can offer free advice on what’s best for your car.

Where is Long Tube Header located in 5.7 Hemi Challenger?

Best Long Tube Headers for 5.7 Hemi Challenger

As a rough rule of thumb, however, a typical life expectancy of a premium aftermarket exhaust system should be in the neighborhood of two to three years depending on driving habits and the previously mentioned factors.

But actually, the long tube headers are built from cast iron and will last for a very long time. This does not mean you should not change the long tube header once it is broken or cracked. If your 5.7 Hemi Challenger long tube header is broken, crack, leaking, clogged up, losing power or producing loud noises – it should be changed immediately.

The Challenger 5.7 Hemi long tube header is one of the most important components in your car. It increases horsepower, torque and it reduces fuel consumption rate at the same time. In addition, the long tube headers provide a deep sound when you step on the gas pedal. The patented design offers significantly increased engine performance and less gas consumption. It boosts the torque by up to 12% and reduces fuel costs by 4%.

How to change the Long Tube Header

Best Long Tube Headers for 5.7 Hemi Challenger

Tired of the sound of your 5.7 Hemi Challenger’s stock exhaust? Want it to get louder, but you’re discouraged by the high costs that go along with it? Don’t want to wait for installers or don’t trust them to do an efficient job on your car? If so, this guide is for you. It will teach you how to change the Long Tube Header in 5.7 Hemi Challenger yourself – easily and quickly.

When selecting headers, you need to make sure they fit your car and meet all factory engine and exhaust system requirements. Even if headers are labeled as “universal,” it doesn’t mean they will fit on every model of a certain brand. Long Tube Headers can be divided into three main components: collector, tubing, and the flange that goes towards the vehicle. You can attach them to your car with a gasket or a band clamp.

There are several connection types when it comes to aftermarket headers. This refers to how the flange connects with your vehicle’s original components. These include:

  • Bolt-on installation, where you have to re-use factory bolts
  • Clamp-on installation, where you have to cut the band clamp
  • Flange design, with a CNC machined flange

Once you know what kind of connection type your headers have and how to attach them, it’s time to move on with the installation process. It’s relatively simple and won’t take more than an hour of your time.

Step 1.

Jack up your car and secure it on jack stands (if you don’t know how to do this, ask a friend who knows how to work with cars.)

Step 2.

Drain the engine oil and remove oil filter as well as spark plugs

Step 3.

Unbolt and remove stock exhaust manifolds and O2 sensors

Step 4.

Remove old headers (if you bought universal ones, cut the clamp band)

Step 5.

Install new headers (attach them with the band clamp or gasket provided by the manufacturer)

Step 6.

Re-install remaining parts of your original exhaust system and re-install spark plugs

Step 7.

Lower your car, check for any leaks and re-fill engine oil.

That is everything you need to know to change the Long Tube Header in 5.7 Hemi Challenger yourself – easily and quickly.


So, what do you think is the best long tube Hemi Challenger headers? There are many factors that determine which exhaust system is optimal for your needs. This list provides 5 of the most popular options so that you can better understand your choices. Think about these points as well as additional requirements such as price point, horsepower increase, weight reduction and sound level as this information will help you pick what’s right for you.

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