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2015 Jeep Patriot Oil Change Guide

Do you want to save money and learn how to do a 2015 Jeep Patriot oil change yourself? Read our step by step guide.  The 2015 Jeep Patriot may seem like an intimidating car for someone who has never changed their own oil before, but it is actually one of the easiest cars out there to work on. This article will show you exactly what tools and supplies you need in order to complete your first ever oil change on your vehicle, as well as how many quarts of motor oil are required for this specific model year. We’ll also give tips on where to find these items at the best prices and even point out some other things that might be good for replacing during an engine overhaul or routine maintenance check up.


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2015 Jeep Patriot Oil Type


Before changing oil in your 2015 Jeep Patriot check owner’s manual for required oil type and viscosity and find out the manufacturer’s recommendations.


The Jeep Patriot uses SAE 5W-20 motor oil. This means you should use a full synthetic when changing your car’s fluids, as it will provide better protection for the engine and keep its performance at peak levels longer than other types of oils do.


2015 Jeep PATRIOT with both 2.0L 4-cyl and 2.4L 4-cyl Engine requires 4.5 quarts of motor oil.


It is recommended by Jeep to use MaxPro SAE 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil or Pennzoil. Both are certified by Mopar. Though you can always use another oil of trusted brands if it has the proper weight.

2015 Jeep Patriot Change Intervals


Oil changes are one of the most important services for your 2015 Jeep Patriot. Synthetic oil should be changed at least once per 7,000 miles, if not more often depending on driving conditions and frequency with which you drive past an automotive repair shop that does regular inspections or service calls in order to keep things running smoothly between visits from mechanics who work exclusively on cars like yours (Jeep recommends change oil and filter every 3,000-5,000 miles).

Driving in severe weather conditions, such as severe cold or hot conditions where the car has been running nonstop for longer than normal lengths of time requires more frequent than average changes.

Suspended particles inside your engine oil can cause damage to internal engine parts if not filtered out by changing your oil and filter regularly. Extremely abrasive particles that your vehicle’s oil filter cannot remove from the engine oil will wear out a car’s vital parts, including piston rings and cylinder walls. This can reduce your fuel mileage and cause decreased performance in your engine over time if not serviced regularly.

In this article we will be showing you, step by step, the proper way to change out your old oil for new so that you can keep your vehicle running well for years to come.

Best Oil for 2015 Jeep Patriot


Choosing oil for 2015 Jeep Patriot you need to know what kind of engine you have and then choose the oil accordingly. It is advised that you always match viscosity level with your car’s manufacturer needs to prevent any damage or harm that may come to your vehicle.

Here are a few advised products that may match your car perfectly:

Oil (by manufacturer) – Jeep recommends using Pennzoil – Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil. It is a synthetic blend oil engineered to provide a high-quality base oil.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic motor oil is made from natural gas, not crude. It is one of the best full synthetic motor oils in our portfolio. Made for extreme performance, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum outperforms conventional oils in terms of low temperature performance and volatility control.

Oil (our choice) –  Shell Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil for 2014 Jeep Wrangler is safe to use. It can provide better gas mileage, engine protection and performance for your car.

Our Choice
Shell Rotella Gas Truck engine oil is for gas-powered pickup and SUV owners who want a motor oil that delivers on key benefits including protection for extremes their engines face. Shell Rotella Gas Truck protects and prolongs engine life for all truck and SUV engines, both old and new.

Oil filter (by manufecturer) – If you are looking for which oil filter is perfect for your 2014 Jeep Wrangler then check out this Mopar Oil Filter.

Mopar filters are engineered to the high quality standards of the Ford Motor Company and are recommended by Jeep as the original equipment replacement filter. Genuine Mopar OEM product.

How to Change Oil by Yourself – Step by Step

When you’re driving your Jeep Patriot, it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance. One of the most common things that people forget is an oil change! Luckily, there are plenty of great resources on how to change your own oil and we want to share our favorite one. If you follow this step by step guide, changing your oil will be a breeze.

Step 1.

Get the hood up. Remove the oil cap. You may want to get the vehicle up on jacks. Get an oil pan underneath.

Step 2.

You can see this is looking from the front of the vehicle. We have our oil filter, bumper, and then oil filter cut out. Use 13-millimeter wratch, remove the plug and bring it out.


Oil is gonna start coming out gets a little messy, but not going to be too bad.

Just let that drain out until there’s nothing left draining.


All right. As you can see most of our oil is drained out completely. So we’re going to go ahead and reinstall or drain bolt nice and cleaned up. Now some brambles have gaskets on them that are replaceable. This particular model has variable that is has a permanent gasket attached to it as long as the rubber around the end of the screw isn’t dry, rotted or anything at the end of the bowl is dry rotted

should be in good shape, and you snug that back up doesn’t have to be super tight.

But you want to tight enough that it doesn’t leak.

Step 3.

So next up, we’re going to do the oil filter. Use an oil filter wrench.

And give it a nice twist, clamp down, break it loose. Once it’s loose, it’s pretty straightforward, just take it off by hand. This part does also get a little messy because there’s a vertical feed filter. Oil tends to run down the side of it once you start breaking it loose, or is the oils easy to clean off.


And then you want to always make sure that the gasket came off with it.

So you poke up here and take a look. You can take a towel there and wipe that surface off.

Step 4.

Now let’s go prep the new filter.

So what you want to do before you install it is take just a little bit of your new oil and you want to prime the filter. Pour that into the filter straight into the center that matter to get a little on the top of it.

Then once it’s all good follow up a little bit on the top here and you want to go around this gasket ring nice and easy.


Alright, so another important note with filters that some people don’t realize they only want these filters to be hand tight. You don’t want to really torque them down because they will get tighter over time as you drive. Heat expansion causes them to tighten up Gill snug and hard to get off. That’s why we have to use the special tools there to take them off. Make sure it’s good and tight by hand. Wipe everything clean.

Step 5.

All right, next step might be to add oil.

Fun fact, if you take a old oil bottle, cut it in half, makes a fantastic funnel. Just make sure it stays clean inside because you don’t want a dirt and debris going down in your engine. Add some oil.


Step 6.

Now we’re going to check the oil. After we let it settle for a second. Just make sure all the oil makes its way down into the pan.

So check your oil, just push that all the way down and pull it back out. Take a look. It looks like we’re pretty solid. We want to see the oil.


Feel free to leave any comments and questions below.

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