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2018 Toyota C-HR Oil Change

The 2018 Toyota C-HR has a lot going for it, but the most important thing is that you keep up with routine maintenance to ensure its durability. One of those routine tasks is performing an oil change on your vehicle. This article will cover what you need to know about this type of service and how often you should have one done to keep your car running smoothly!


2018 Toyota C-HR Oil Change Guide [hide]

2018 Toyota C-HR Oil Type


The type of oil you use is critical to the life and performance of your engine. The right kind of motor oil is key to keeping your engine functioning well and lasting for many years down the road. Make sure you use the recommended oil for your C-HR to keep it running smoothly.


Toyota recommends using engine oil “Toyota Genuine Motor Oil” of viscosity SAE 5W-20 or SAE 0W-20. However, SAE
0W-20 is the best choice for good fuel economy and good starting in cold weather.


The oil capacity with a filter is 4.1 quarts (4.2 liters) whereas, without a filter is 4.1 quarts (3.9 liters).


Use Toyota-approved “Toyota Genuine Motor Oil” or equivalent to satisfy the grade and viscosity said above.

Recommended oil type is:

  • API SN/CF (Resource conserving, energy-efficient engine oil) for gasoline engines.
  • API SM/CD (Energy-Conserving Engine Oil) or ILSAC GF-Ⅲ(Resource Conserving and Energy Efficient Engine Oil)for diesel engines.
  • API SJ/CF (Resource conserving, energy-efficient engine oil) for gasoline engines.

If you are using a non-approved lubricant, the engine may not operate properly and could result in an incorrect diagnosis.

You can use oil from this list of brands to change your engine oil in the 2018 Toyota C-HR:

– Castrol

– Pennzoil

– Mobil

And many more brands!

2018 Toyota C-HR Oil Change Intervals


The 2018 Toyota C-HR is a great vehicle, but like all vehicles, it needs regular oil changes to run at its best. The good news is that the C-HR’s oil change intervals are pretty reasonable, so you don’t have to worry about having to take it in for service too often. Here are the recommended oil change intervals for the 2018 C-HR:

● First Oil Change – 6000 miles or sooner, whichever comes first

● Second Oil Change – 12000 miles or sooner, whichever comes first

● Third Oil Change – 18000 miles or sooner, whichever comes first

After the third oil change interval has been reached, Toyota recommends changing your vehicle’s oil every 5000 miles from then on. So if you drive your C-HR for an average of 15,000 miles per year (or approximately 16,500 between changes), you should get all the oil changes completed within a year.

Best Oil for 2018 Toyota C-HR

Toyota recommends using 0W-20 synthetic oil for the 2018 C-HR. This is a high-quality, low viscosity oil that can help improve fuel economy and engine performance. It also meets or exceeds all of Toyota’s stringent requirements for durability and protection.

Oil (By Manufacturer) – Toyota recommends using “Toyota Genuine Motor Oil” SAE 5W-20 or SAE 0W-20.

Toyota recommended Oil for 2018 Toyota C-HR

Oil (Our Choice) – Castrol Edge 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil. Engine oils need to be able to constantly respond to the ever-changing environments in your engine. Every second of the drive your engine oil needs to be able to react to the needs of different metal-to-metal contact points in your engine each with different demands, pressures, and temperatures. Castrol EDGE provides the highest level of protection for critical engine parts helping your car to perform at its maximum. Castrol EDGE is an advanced full synthetic motor oil with a unique and proprietary formula that reduces volatility and provides superior protection for critical engine parts helping your vehicle operate efficiently at power.

Oil Filter (By Manufacturer) – Toyota recommends using a Toyota Genuine Oil Filter or an aftermarket equivalent such as ECOGARD Premium Cartridge Engine Oil Filter.

Best Oil Filter for 2018 Toyota C-HR

How to Change Oil By Yourself – Step by Step

Changing an oil of 2018 Toyota C-HR is easy, but there are some things that will need to be done first before changing it.

You will need to have some basic tools, an oil filter wrench or adjustable wrench, drain pan, and if you are using a cartridge type filter the new one.

You should also be wearing gloves while changing the oil by yourself. The last thing that you might want is your clothes getting dirty with engine oils which can happen during this process. If not then at least wear an old t-shirt for safety reasons.



Now that all of these things are ready you want to find the location of the jack point inside of your car. This is the driver side I’m looking at and these are reinforced sections right there where you can place the jack the car up to make sure the use jack stands for safety.



It’s time to start removing everything from under the car so we could reach the plug where 2018 Toyota C-HR Oil Change happens.

There are a few bolts that you will have to take off in order to get the engine cover off.

After all of these bolts are removed, carefully lift the cover and set it somewhere safe. Now you should be able to see the plug where the oil is draining from. Use your drain pan and put it under the plug so you could catch old engine oils. Loosen up the plug with your wrench.



Wait until all of the oil has drained out.



When all the oil is drained it’s time to put the drain plug back on.



Now it’s time to install a new filter!

If you are using a cartridge type filter then just remove the o-ring from the old one and put it on a new one, if not then follow instructions that come with your new filter.

Put a new filter in place by tightening its bolt.



After you are done with that, put new oil in place by using your funnel or just pour it straight on the plughole so 2018 Toyota C-HR would suck it through its filter.

After everything has been set up all you have to do is start your car and let’s see how much more MPG you get! You can also check for any leaks while the engine is still running if anything looks suspicious then shut your engine down immediately and double-check every connection.

If no leaks pop out after starting the car again then congratulations, you just finished changing the oil of 2018 Toyota C-HR!


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