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2016 Ford Focus Oil Change Guide

Looking for proper instructions on how to change the oil in your 2016 Ford Focus? We got you covered. In this article you will learn about:

  • 2016 Ford Focus Oil type
  • 2016 Ford Focus Oil Change Intervals
  • How to check oil on 2016 Ford Focus
  • And how to change the oil by yourself

We have gathered info from all the internet and from the user manual to give you the exact properties and dimensions that will be needing to complete the process.

By the end of this article, you will learn everything you need about your 2016 Ford Focus including various types of oils, oil change intervals for different driving conditions and resting intelligent oil-life monitor.

2016 Ford Focus Oil Change

2016 Ford Focus Oil Change Guide [hide]

2016 Ford Focus Oil Type

2016 ford Focus 1L EcoboostTM has an oil capacity of 4.3qt (4.1L) and 2L has an oil capacity of 4.5qt (4.3L). Motor oil of this vehicle model should meet or exceeds the requirement of Ford specifications WSS-M2C945-A, which is specified in the maintenance section of the Owner’s manual.

This includes recommended viscosity grades that meet API SN Requirements and display the API SN Certification mark for gasoline engines. Synthetic SAE 5W-20 grade oil is recommended for 2016 Ford Focus. SAE 5W-20 rating is preferable to a colder region.

Manufacturer recommended Oil for 2016 Ford Focus

Oil labeled with API SN service category shouldn’t be used unless the label also displays the API certification mark. An oil that displays this symbol conforms to the current engine, emission system, and fuel economy performance standards of the International Lubricants Specification Advisory Council (ILSAC).

Supplemental engine oil additives shouldn’t be used because they are unnecessary and can lead to engine damage that may not be covered by your vehicle warranty.

2016 Ford Focus Oil Change Intervals

Oil change intervals change over time and depend on several factors such as engine age, driving habits, etc. Oil consumption in an engine may vary with power output and fuel consumption.

Oil changing interval varies from new engines to old engines. Ford Focus manufacturers recommend changing the oil after approximately every 5000 km (3000 miles) in normal conditions in new engines.

The good news is, you do not have to remember to change the oil on a mileage-based schedule. Your vehicle lets you know when an oil change is due by displaying a message in the information display by using several important factors based on how you use it.

But if you are a severe (moderate to heavy load /towing mountainous /off-road conditions/ extended idling /extended hot/ cold operation) or extreme (maximum load/ towing extreme hot or cold operation) level vehicle users then you need to perform extra maintenance as indicated in the manual and have to consult with the service advisor or technician.

For vehicles operating in hot climates using an API Certified for Gasoline Engines oil of SM or SN quality, the normal oil change interval is 3000 miles (5000 kilometers). If the available API SM or SN oils are not available, then the oil change interval is 1800 miles (3000 kilometers).

It is recommended to change the oil once every 6-12 months when using conventional or synthetic blend motor oil.

2016 Ford Focus Oil Check

2016 Ford Focus has an intelligent oil-life monitor, you will be notified by the message prompting you to change your oil. But the oil should be checked manually every month with a dipstick, to observe the level and oil condition.

The dipstick has two holes, the lower hole indicates the minimum level and the upper one indicates the maximum level of oil in the engine. You can find the full details of the oil checking schedule in the maintenance section of the 2016 Ford Focus Owner’s manual.

Oil checking procedure:

  • Park the vehicle on level ground.
  • Turn off the engine and wait for 15 minutes so that all the oil can return to the oil pan or check before starting the engine.
  • Remove the dipstick with one hand and wipe it with a clean, lint-free cloth with the other hand while removing.
  • Put the dipstick back and remove it again after a few seconds to check the oil level.

Make sure that the oil level is between the minimum and the maximum hole marks. If the oil level is at the minimum mark or lower than that, add oil immediately.

Best Oil for 2016 Ford Focus

2016 Ford Focus uses 5W-20 weight of synthetic blend or full synthetic oil. Though the manufacturer recommends using Ford Motocraft Engine Oil, analyzing the market we found that – Castrol Full Synthetic Motor Oil is the best deal. It meets all the specifications for this model at a lower price. You need to buy a 5-quart jug for changing the oil.

Best Oil for 2016 Ford Focus

When changing oil, you have to change the oil filter as well. For this, we recommend Motorcraft Oil Filter. This is also recommended by the manufacturer. Motocraft is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for ford.

Required Tools

Below is the list of tools you need to change the oil by yourself. If you already have them, then gather them in a suitable place where you will be changing the oil. But if you haven’t already, then you will find them in your nearest auto repair shop, hardware store, or the link below.

✔️Oil Drain PanLumax Drain Pan and Waste Oil Storage
You need to place a drain pan below the drain hole. We recommend using a drain pan with waste storage. This type of pan is ideal for oil recycling. You should keep in mind that drained oil can leave a strain on the environment.

✔️Socket SetStanley Drive Socket Set
You will be needing a T30 Torx bit with a rachet and a 15-millimeter socket with a rachet.

✔️Oil funnelMajic Plastic Funnel Set
You can get an actual funnel or you can cut a plastic bottle and use that as a funnel to pour new oil into the engine.

✔️Oil Filter PliersTekton Oil Filter Pliers
You need pliers to remove the old filter.

✔️Car RampsFloTool Vehicle Ramps
You need ramps to create space underneath your car. You can create space by driving one wheel up onto the curb.

Optional Tools

✔️Jack StandsTorin Steel Jack Stands
These are not a must but they will give you space to work underneath your car. When using jack stands to lift the vehicle go through the manual to see the method and the jacking points of the car.

How to Change Oil

While there are so many service shops and dealerships for regular oil changes and maintenance, an oil change is a fairly simple operation that most car owners can do themselves. It involves draining the oil from the engine into a drip pan, replacing the filter, and adding fresh oil.

The advantages of changing the oil on your own are that you have full control over which oil brand to use and you can also find the best quality filter for your car, and this will be possible because you will save the extra money that the service would cost.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Get all the Tools and New Oil

Get your gloves, funnel, T30 Torx bit with rachet, 15-millimeter socket with ratchet, oil filter plier, 5-quart new oil and oil filter.

Step2: Remove the bottom protection cover

Use the T30 Torx bit to remove the screw that holds the bottom panel. You will find the screw on both front and back, remove them all by losing them.

Step 3: Find the drain plug, unplug it and drain old oil

Park the car on the level ground. Now go underneath with the drain pan and the 15-millimeter socket with a rachet. Find the oil pan and the drain bolt. Place the pan slightly away from the bolt and unplug it with the socket (counter-clockwise).

When working under the vehicle you will find it difficult to work with a small rachet. In this case, you can use a long breaker bar, this will give you a mechanical advantage. And the bolt will come out easily.

Wait until all the oil comes out. When finished easily put the bolt right back in and be careful not to tighten the bolt too much.

Step 4: Replace the Old Filter with a New One

Now take the oil drain pan right under the oil filter. The oil filter is just beside the oil pan. You can loosen the filter by hand or using a filter plier. Once loose, the oil will start to come out.

Remove the old filter completely. Take off your gloves, take the new oil filter and apply a light coating of oil with your hand on top of the filter, where it will be in contact with the engine. This will create a seal.

Install the filter by tightening it with your hand. Don’t overtight it, you will know when it’ll fit.

Step 5: Fill the Engine with New Oil

Find the oil cap under the hood, it has an oil cap symbol on it. Use a funnel and fill the engine with the 3 quarts of oil. After filling this amount go for the next step and add 1½ quart more if needed.

Step 6: Check the Oil Level

Lower the car back to the ground. Wait for few minutes to settle all the oil in the pan. Now use the dipstick to observe the level of the oil. If the oil is somewhere between the minimum and maximum mark, then you have done the process perfectly.

But if it is below the lower mark, you need to add some. Also, you have to remove some oil if the oil exceeds the maximum mark. Because extra oil will hamper your engine.

You can also find other details in this video on YouTube. When working on your own, always take necessary safety measures and precautions.

2016 Ford Focus Oil Change Light Reset Instructions

You need to reset the oil change light every time you change engine oil. To reset the oil change light on the 2016 ford focus, you’re going to

  • Put your parking brake on
  • turn the ignition key to on
  • don’t start the car
  • Press on the gas and brake pedals for about 25 seconds
  • Keep your feet on those pedals until you see a reset completion message on the monitor.
  • Take your feet off of the pedals
  • Your oil light has been reset
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