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2012 Honda Accord Oil Change

The oil in a car’s engine serves as a lubricant to avoid metals from rubbing together and overheating. Maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle’s engine oil will improve its life span.

How to replace your automobile engine oil and oil filter. It is critical to change your car’s engine oil and oil filter on a regular basis in order for your Honda Accord 2012 to run smoothly. To see what sort of time this takes, consult the owner’s handbook for service intervals. Changing the engine oil and filter isn’t very difficult; all you have to do is follow a few easy procedures.

2012 Honda Accord Oil Type and Capacity

What is the best engine oil for a Honda Accord? We’ve put up this article to assist you in selecting the appropriate engine oil for your Honda Accord, based on its generation, year of production, and mileage. Engine oil ensures that critical components of your engine are protected from dirt, harmful deposits, and corrosion by maintaining a lubricating film between rotating parts. This document was created to assist you in choosing the greatest engine oil for your Honda Accord.

The 2012 Honda Accord’s recommended oil is a 0W-20 full synthetic motor oil. The capacity varies depending on the engine type. The 2.4 L has a volume of A4.2 quarts, while the 3.5 L engine has a volume of A4.5 quarts.

How often does a 2012 Honda Accord need an Oil Change?

For conventional oil, Honda recommends changing the oil and filter every 3,000-5,000 miles. One of the most essential and important services for your vehicle is an oil change. Synthetic oil should be changed at least every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. Keep in mind that your owner’s handbook and with your dealer to discover the intervals that are best for your vehicle. To keep your 2012 Honda Accord running smoothly, Coggin Deland Honda offers a class of oil changes alternatives. Our service average aims to correctly diagnose your car at the real time, whether you need an oil change or a new transmission. This saves you hours and money on unneeded automobile repairs. We are glad to serve all Honda customers and are the most popular location. Thetic blend oils contain a mix of synthetic and conventional base oils as well as additives.

How To Choose Motor Oil For Honda Accord?

  1. Oil should be changed according to Honda’s recommendations (which should be stated in the your Honda Accord’s service book).
  2. Apply oil that’s already in your Honda Accord engine (data must be recorded in the service book).
  3. We have gathered information about engine oil manufacturers’ recommendations and Honda tolerances in this post.

Honda Accord Oil Recommended by Manufacturer

The best engine oil for a Honda is one that meets the requirements of API SN, ILSAC GF-5, and ILSAC GF-6. Older Honda models should be serviced with ILSAC GF-4 engine oil.

Why should I use Synthetic Oil?

  1. Synthetic oil improves your car’s gas mileage. Synthetic oil has a higher viscosity rating than conventional oils, allowing the engine to work less hard.
  2. Synthetic oils can help you go longer between oil changes. This not only saves YOU money, but it also helps to minimize waste.
  3. Synthetic oils extend the life of a vehicle’s engine. When all other things are equal, an engine will last longer if synthetic oil is utilized.

What Oil is the Best Oil?

In the past, Honda urged customers to use 5W-20 oil in their Accords. From 2011 onwards, however, 5W-20 was replaced with 0W-20. This is due to tighter tolerances in engine manufacturing processes and improved fuel efficiency. In fact, if a car will be used for towing, 5W-30 oil is suggested so that the engine will last longer.

Helps to provide outstanding engine protection at oil change intervals of up to 15,000 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first
Meets the needs of Honda, Toyota, Acura, Lexus and other vehicles where 0W-20 grade is recommended
Full synthetic 0W-20 engine oil made from natural gas, not crude, using Pennzoil's patented gas-to-liquid PurePlus Technology

2012 Honda Accord Engine Oil Change

Tools Needed:

  • 17mm wrench
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Funnel for new engine oil
  • Oil Drain pan with at least 4 quart capacity
  • Clean rag

Parts needed:

  • 4 quarts 0W20 engine oil (3.8 qt capacity)
  • Oil filte

Step-by-step guide

  1. Getting Started – Prepare for the repair
  2. Open the Hood
  3. Find Oil Drain – Underneath the automobile, locate the oil drain plug
  4. Drain Oil – Set up the workspace, remove the oil, and replace the plug
  5. Find Oil Filter – Locate the oil filter, which is typically located under the car’s hood
  6. Remove Filter – Remove the drain pan and oil filter to expose the oil filter.
  7. Replace Filter – Fill the new oil filter with oil and slide it into place
  8. Remove Oil Cap – Remove the oil filler cap
  9. Add Oil – Determining the proper type of oil and adding it
  10. Replace Cap – Put the cap back on the engine’s oil filler
  11. Leak Inspection – Start the vehicle and look for any leaks
  12. Remove Dipstick – Locate, remove and wipe oil dipstick
  13. Read Oil Level – Remove the dipstick, read the oil level, then reinsert it
  14. Clean Up Tips

Honda Accord: How to Reset the Oil Life

When the Engine Oil Life is less than 5%, the “SERVICE” indicator will come on.

  1. Turn the ignition to the “RUN” position. Do not start the engine.
  2. Press the “SELECT/RESET” stem until the Engine Oil Life appears on the display.
  3. Click the stem to select it, then press and hold the stem for 10 seconds before releasing.
  4. After the time has elapsed, press and hold “SELECT/RESET” for another 5 seconds.
  5. Turn off the ignition, then turn it back on. The Engine Oil Life should now be reset to 100%.


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