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Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs Amsoil Oil Comparison

Searching for the difference and the similarity between Pennzoil Ultra Platinum & Amsoil? Great, you have reached the right article. Here we will discuss Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs Amsoil.

Here we will discuss Feature, Specification, Benefits, and the real customer review of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum & Amsoil.

So, do check this article to know about the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum & Amsoil.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs Amsoil

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Quick Comparison

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum AMSOIL Signature Series
pennzoil ultra platinum AMSOIL
0W-20, 0W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30, and 10W-30

Up to 500,000 miles or 15 years

0W-20,5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30

Up to 25,000 miles

What is Pennzoil Ultra Platinum – Overview of Features?

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs Amsoil Comparison

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is a high quality synthetic oil made with the PurePlus® technology. This technology is highly appreciable to make synthetic lubricant oil to bring out the best performance of the engine.

Conventional oil is extracted from crude oil which is not fully purified due to its gaseous and metal particles. But this synthetic oil is better for the engine and nature. The Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is special for its custom protection; here it is designed to protect high speed vehicles that run on the race track.

This type of engine burns more fuel and its protection type is different from other general vehicles, so this product is highly useful to protect your race car.

If we want to discuss the features of this oil, first comes its custom protection for racing vehicles. Then comes its fuel economy. It also cleans the piston. Better horsepower provides wear resistance. Finally, it boosts performance in the high temperature of the engine.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Major Specifications

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Specifications

Some of the important features of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is discussed here:

  • Wear Protection: With time, the engine material starts to wither and decreases the lifetime of the engine. But wear protection of the engine helps to prevent future weather as well as the present wear is prevented in the time of use.
  • Cleanliness: Longtime use of an engine creates some wax in the piston and the connecting rod. This wax prevents the piston to move at its desired speed and causes low horsepower. But the technology of cleanliness keeps the engine clean to give you the best speed.
  • Performance: it boosts the performance of the engine to give better RPM and HorsePower.
  • Made from Natural Gas: This lubricant oil is made of natural gas with PurePlus® technology. For this, all the unwanted components do not exist in this oil and give you the best engine health.
  • Carbon Neutral: Engine emits carbon in partial burning of the fuel, this is the major threat to nature besides fuel economy decrease is another effect of the partial burning. But this engine additive helps the engine with proper burning.
  • Custom Protection: All the engine oil additives are not suitable for the high speed racing vehicles. The racing engine parts move faster than others and the fuel burning process and the healing process of this engine is little different from others.
  • Take the supercharger & turbocharger engine for example. These special engines have high requirements and Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is specially designed to protect these engines.

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Benefits of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum

Benefits of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum

Here are the most beneficial points of the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum:

  • Great Fuel Economy.
  • Runs good at extreme temperature.
  • Extreme wear protection.
  • Helps to keep the engine horsepower high.
  • Keep the piston clean for the high performance of the engine.
  • Gives special protection to racing vehicles.

What customers say about Pennzoil Ultra Platinum

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Reviews

Here is the customer review of this product.
Pennzoil – 550045193 Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil

  • The product has a good analyzing report. It keeps the inside clean and protects from drain problems. The product is now cheaper according to the user and is also very comfortable for a turbocharged engine.”
  • A user sent this oil to Blackstone lab for a test and found that this oil is much better than other oil. He checked himself and confirmed that the engine inside is too clean. He tried other oil with this price range and said this is the best among them.”

What is Amsoil – Overview of Features?

Amsoil Oil Overview

Amsoil is a synthetic pure lubricant that is produced by being chemically engineered. Its design specifies that all the molecules of this lubricant works; no more wastage of the lubricant.

Synthetic lubricant oil is always better than conventional lubricant oil; this conventional lubricant oil was refined from the crude oil and this crude oil has a bad nature that all the metallic and the gaseous component can’t be removed from the oil. This makes conventional oil weak.

This has many useful features like optimum fuel efficiency, friction reduction, extreme-temperature performance, and maximum film strength.

Amsoil Oil Major Specifications

Amsoil Oil Specifications

Here we will discuss some of the major specifications of the Amsoil Synthetic Lubricant.

  • Metal Wear Protection of this lubricant is about 75% more than other ordinary products available in the market. It also prevents the same amount of horsepower losses as previously mentioned. It creates Fluid Film on the piston to prevent further wear to the engine.
  • It also gives Protection to the Pistons of your engine from Pre-Ignition and Low-Speed by 100% for all types of vehicles.
  • Amsoil Synthetic Lubricant oil is capable of protecting the Turbocharger engine. This oil gives 72% more performance than the base parameter of the GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification.
  • Amsoil contains 50% extra detergent to remove 90% extra amount of the sludge to ensure Maximum Clean Oil.
  • Best fuel economy, easier start, and improved oil flow are ensured by the oil for its 66% less Cold Temperature than other conventional oil.
  • It ensures you Longer Protection by giving 25,000 miles of use time which is around one year drive time.
  • It is Limits Oil Consumption by not letting the oil evaporate.

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Benefits of Amsoil Engine Oil

Benefits of Amsoil Engine Oil

Amsoil Synthetic Lubricating oil is an expensive product but its benefits are also in huge numbers to justify its price. Here are some of the major benefits of the product.

  • Improved performance.
  • Great Fuel Economy.
  • Reduce oil consumption.
  • Decrease the repair costs.
  • It helps to start at a cold temperature.
  • Increase the engine life.
  • It reduces the emission of burnt fuel.

What customers say about Amsoil?

Amsoil Oil Reviews

Here is the some of the Amsoil product buying link with the true customer review:

The user uses this oil in many cars with 2003 GMC Envoy but after 220,000 miles his car is running as new. The draining issue is also recovered by this. He said the high price of this oil is justified.”

Using this product the user noticed the power-producing change positively. The packaging system of the product is also easy to use. The users’ vehicles were ‘2015 Subaru WRX’


What is the difference between Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and Amsoil?

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum helps the engine to run at a high temperature and the other product Amsoil helps the engine start when the engine is at a cold temperature. While Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is made from Natural Gas with the process of gas to liquid, Amsoil is made with no extra particles in the oil.

How many miles does Pennzoil Ultra Platinum last?

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum lasts for 500,000 miles.

How many miles does Amsoil last?

Amsoil last for 25,000 miles
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