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Mopar Def Fluid vs Bluedef

Finding a good brand of DEF is quite easy. You can check the owner’s manual for a brand recommendation. Or do some online research to find a lucrative DEF. Well, for the busy people, we are coming with the recommendations of the best performing DEF.

You can choose any of them between Valvoline vs blue def. Both meet EPA standards, impurity levels. We try to include a different price range of DEF. So that you can choose according to your budget & requirements. A vehicle is an expensive gadget. Don’t experiment with cheaper low brand DEF. It is very risky & must ruin your cars.

Mopar Def Fluid vs Bluedef

Overall #1

PEAK BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid

PEAK BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid

BlueDEF is one of the many well-known high-quality brands! This business specializes in making high-quality diesel exhaust fluids, and they’ve been doing it for a long time. One of the greatest DEF on the market right now is Peak blueDEF fluid.

This is not something we’re saying; this is what users who have been consistently utilizing it have to say. BlueDEF has always made fluids in accordance with EPA standards, which is why their fluids easily outperform every competitor.

One of the most important features of this fluid is that it is compatible with all SCR systems, which has helped to increase its popularity considerably.

The 665 is a single-portion, eight-piece package. You may select any of the two options. However, if you want to use the same brand DEF on your vehicle for a long period of time, the 8-piece kit is ideal. Because you can store them in any location in your garage, storing shouldn’t be an issue.

Another advantage is that this fluid does not alter its form regardless of how cold the weather is. Furthermore, if you buy an 8-pack box, you may receive a small discount. The price has been kept low by the manufacturer, so it should be within everyone’s budget.

Moving on, there are some fluids on the market that have a strong scent and become unpleasant for the user. This PEAK DEF 002, however, is odorless and colorless. It’s also very safe to use because you don’t have to be concerned if any fluid comes into contact with your skin.

With one gallon of this fluid, you may go about 300 miles. With 2.5 gallons of the PEAK DEF002, you can travel almost 750 kilometers. Last but not least, it is ISO 22241 certified, as we have previously said. It fulfills the ISO 22241 standard, which is quite dependable. If you want to save money on your vehicle maintenance expenses, the combination of water and urea in this DEF is worth considering.

The ISO 22241 standard is adhered to by the BlueDEF logo and may be API certified. The usage of artificial urea with the tiniest of impurities in deionized water

Popular manufacturer and producer of diesel exhaust liquid using a product supplied at a fantastic price.


  • Odorless and colorless.
  • Very safe to use.
  • It meets ISO22241 regulation.
  • It doesn’t change its shape in the cold.
  • Increases fluid efficiency.
  • Easy to put inside.


  • NOx is reduced to nitrogen gas and water vapor in the form of Nox-free Nitrogen.
  • This product satisfies all EPA requirements for Selective Catalytic Reduction engines.
  • Provides you with a more cost-effective alternative to other DEF solutions.
  • Ships using a tube so it is possible to add the item to the DEF container securely.
  • BlueDEF is preferred by automobile clients with various makes and models.


  • It’s possible that you should simply seal the tank.
  • If a tube is not connected properly, Jug may flow, implying that you will require a connection.


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Overall #2

Mopar Def Fluid

Mopar Def Fluid

If you own a 2013+ Ram diesel, you probably know that diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is required or else your truck will enter into limp mode. You’re most likely wondering what DEF is and what it can possibly do for your vehicle. What exactly does DEF accomplish? Is it true that DEF goes bad over time? Are there any distinctions between different brands of DEF?

Urea and deionized water are the two components that make up DEF. This combination (32.5 percent urea/67.5 percent water) is sprayed into the exhaust of your diesel truck through a DEF injector to reduce N0x emissions. If you run out of your DEF, you’ll be restricted to 5 mph until it’s replenished (good luck with that).

What makes one brand of DEF distinct from another? Your selection of “brand” is very similar to the best bottled water, who is the greatest at marketing. The real answer to the question of “best” depends on the production date. However, determining the brand you like may be difficult. Mopar uses an expiration date and a code to simplify things.

The Mopar DEF declares the manufacturing date as August 8, 2017, with an expiration date of August 8, 2019. It will last two years if kept in a temperature range of 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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What is diesel exhaust fluid?

Unless you’re familiar with diesel engines, you may not know much about diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). This vivid blue liquid is a combination of deionized water and urea. The color helps you differentiate it from gasoline or diesel fuel.

You add DEF as needed. It’s stored in a separate tank than the diesel fuel and fed through the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. Diesel-powered cars produce toxic nitrogen oxide (NOx). NOX is broken down into nitrogen and oxygen, which are both common components of air.

The ISO 22241 standard, which is an international quality standard for the product you’re producing, must be met by the DEF you pick.

Who needs DEF?

If your car runs on diesel fuel, it probably needs DEF. A vehicle that requires DEF is built to function properly only if there is enough DEF in the tank.

If you’re not sure whether your automobile needs diesel exhaust fluid, search for a DEF tank. This reservoir is close to but distinct from the diesel fuel tank. The two fluids should never be combined.v

What happens if you run out of DEF?

Although diesel exhaust fluid is a costly add-on, and because it might be difficult to keep on hand, running the diesel automobile without filling the DEF tank may appear to be a good idea. The manufacturer, however, is obligated by law to make sure you can’t.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establishes the criteria that automobile manufacturers must comply with when it comes to using DEF. When the DEF tank is running low on fluid, dashboard messages and warning lights notify the driver.

The rear end of an empty DEF tank limits the vehicle’s performance to speeds of up to five miles per hour until the tank is refilled.

What happens if you put fuel or DEF in the wrong tank?

Let’s just say you don’t want to put the incorrect fluid in the wrong tank! It will result in a significant repair cost for you. When adding diesel fuel or DEF to your vehicle, be very cautious.

Diesel fuel in DEF tank

There are several measures in place to prevent you from filling the DEF tank with diesel fuel. The diesel fuel nozzle is wider than the entry hole of the DEF tank, ensuring that you won’t be able to fill it with diesel fuel by accident at a gas station. Also, there is generally a bright blue top on the DEF tank that will assist you avoid putting diesel into this container.

However, if you accidentally put diesel in the DEF tank, you must have it serviced straight away. Even a minimal amount of diesel fuel may severely damage the system that relies on DEF.

DEF in diesel fuel tank:

Other than exercising caution, there are no built-in safeguards to prevent you from putting DEF into the diesel fuel tank inadvertently. Your vehicle won’t operate if you accidentally fill it with diesel exhaust fluid. The entire fuel system will need to be professionally cleaned and restored.

How DEF brands differ

It might be difficult to decide which DEF is appropriate for your car. Diesel exhaust fluid must have a urea concentration of 32.5 percent, so how diverse can the brands be?


  • For environmental purposes, DEF must contain a specific amount of impurities like iron, zinc, and aluminum. Poor-quality deionized water might allow impurities to enter the DEF. The SCR system may fail prematurely if there are too many impurities in the DEF. A lesser-quality brand of DEF may be found at the limits of the purity specifications, while a more expensive DEFI could have significantly fewer impurities than required by the EPA.


  • DEF must be manufactured using pharmaceutical-grade urea, which has fewer impurities than agricultural-grade urea. In higher quantities, agricultural-grade urea may contain biuret, a chemical that causes blistering and irritation in the eyes and skin.

EPA standards:

  • The term “diesel exhaust fluid” applies only to the product if it meets all EPA requirements, especially ISO 22241. If you discover a low-cost solution that claims to be diesel exhaust fluid but doesn’t comply with ISO 22241 standards, don’t buy it. Such a substance might harm your vehicle’s SCR system.


Manufacturer recommended

To use a particular brand of DEF, check your vehicle’s owner’s handbook. It’s conceivable that it will urge you to use a certain brand, and you should follow its advice. If you don’t have access to a manufacturer’s recommendation, choose a product that satisfies ISO 22241 standards to keep your SCR system functional.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

ArmorBlue Diesel Exhaust Fluid

ArmorBlue Diesel Exhaust Fluid
It is non-toxic and works with all SCR technologies. It's simple to use, trustworthy, and ISO certified to keep NOx emissions out of the environment. The product may or may not be available for global shipping. This one is one of the most highly rated diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) brands, with a reasonably priced compared to other similar category DEF fluids. You can purchase bigger quantities offline since ArmorBlue DEF fluid is available in drums (55 gallons), totes (275/330 gallons), and bulk containers (up to 5200 gallons). Whether you go with a DEF fluid or another type of oil, make sure it's ISO (International Organization for Standardization), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), as well as API (American Petroleum Institute) certified – just like the ArmorBlue Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Ports Petroleum, under the brand name ArmorBlue, is an American company that began providing industrial fluids to customers in 2010. This substance isn't a fuel additive, poisonous, or explosive. A-grade quality has been achieved by this product. The availability, however, is debatable; and the price, compared to what you might get from an offline store

Nissan 999MP-NDEFP Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Nissan 999MP-NDEFP Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Nissan is well-known for producing automobiles that people have loved for decades, if not longer. It does so every day with its original OEM components and industrial fluids, which satisfy the quality as well as durability standards. Nissan 999MP-NDEFP Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a particularly articulated formula by Nissan for customers. This genuine Nissan 999MP-NDEFP Diesel Exhaust Fluid is the correct alternative for your car. It's one of the greatest DEF fluids on the market today. The product has been ISO certified to EPA and API standards, in accordance with the EPA requirements. You may buy Nissan Super Platinum Fluid directly from the manufacturer or in a single click via Amazon. The product comes in a 2.5 US gallon jerrycan. It has an NOx reduction treatment system, is aldehyde-free, and comes with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. Simply keep the fluid away from direct sunlight and store and utilize it as instructed on the packaging. Furthermore, Amazon offers quick delivery, so you won't have to worry about your engine dying due to excessive heat warnings.

Valvoline Premium Blue Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Valvoline Premium Blue Diesel Exhaust Fluid
The Valvoline Premium Blue Diesel Exhaust Fluid meets the EPA's stringent near-zero NOx requirements. It is colorless, odorless, non-toxic to humans or animals, and non-polluting to the environment. Volkwin Inc is a world-class auto repair business with more than 42 years of experience. We provide State Farm customers and insurance policyholders in Tempe, AZ the best quality service to get their vehicle back on the road and running right as new. All the on-and-off highway SCR systems are compatible with the Valvoline Premium Blue Diesel Exhaust Fluid (729566-2PK). It is in compliance with API and ISO standards. However, as with other such goods, pricing fluctuates. Other than that, it's one of the finest DEF fluids available.

Genuine GM Fluid 88862659 Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Genuine GM Fluid 88862659 Diesel Exhaust Fluid
The Genuine GM 88862659 Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a perfect match for your Duramax engine and it fulfills the rigorous purity requirements. This Genuine GM Fluid 88862659 Diesel Exhaust Fluid is tailored specifically for Duramax engines and, as you can see, meets all of the necessary purity standards. The Chevrolet Express and GMC Savannah vans will only require refilling their DEF tank every 1000 miles, so be on the lookout for that. A funnel will also be required to make pouring easier and avoid fluid scattering, which you'll have to buy separately. ACDelco's DEF fluid is compatible with all GM vehicles. It has a long history of producing genuine OEM components as well as fluid for GM. However, you may double-check your manufacturer's handbook to see if you #1) require DEF and #2) if ACDelco is an acceptable option. That's all there is to it!

Final Word

Finding a reputable brand of DEF is rather simple. In the owner’s handbook, you may find a brand recommendation. Alternatively, do some online research to locate a cost-effective DEF. For people on the go, we’ve made suggestions for the top performing DEFs.

You’re free to choose which one you prefer out of Mopar vs. blue def. Both meet EPA purity and impurity standards. To allow you to make your own decisions, we tried to include a range of pricing ranges for DEF. Because vehicle is a pricey gadget, using less expensive low-end DEF brands is not recommended. It’s not suggested to utilize low-quality DEF because it’s highly dangerous and can harm your automobile in several ways.


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