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6 Best Motor Oil for Winter

Because of climate change, the seasons might alter, and the oils your car should use may vary. When the weather gets chilly, thicker oil has a harder time flowing through your car’s engine and ensuring that all critical components are adequately lubricated.

The fuel that feeds the engine’s lifeblood. You’d be lucky to make it from A to B, let alone leave your driveway, without it. We’re talking about motor oil, of course. It cleanses, cools, lubricates, and keeps your engine running at peak efficiency. You’ve most likely come to this page because you realize that synthetic oil is the greatest of the best when it comes to motor oils. However, determining which synthetic oil is the finest may be challenging.

We’ve gone through a slew of goods in order to come up with the top ten best synthetic motor oils for 2021.

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Mobil 1 120764-3PK 5W-30 Motor Oil
Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil
Royal Purple 51530 High Performance Motor Oil 5W-30
Castrol 1597B1 Edge Extended Performance 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil
Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil
Red Line 5W-30 Motor Oil

Our Overall #1 Best for Winter

Mobil 1 120764-3PK 5W-30 Motor Oil

Mobil 1 120764-3PK 5W-30 Motor Oil

There are several compelling reasons why this product took first place in our comparison. Mobil 1 motor oil, which has been on the market since 1974, is a product that has gone through many years of study and development. It is made using a complex distillation technique that results in a pure, fully synthetic motor oil. Even in the winter, the oil maintains its thinness, ensuring an easy cold morning car start. It also quickly covers the moving engine parts, providing essential lubrication against wear.

When you follow all of the manufacturer’s recommendations, you certainly get the greatest result. However, the oil has a voice of its own. You will take your automobile to the next level, and it will look like nothing you’ve ever seen. With the aid of a completely synthetic formula, sludge will be no match for this solution. Deposits will not be an issue for you either. Consider how much longer your engine would live if you used this product.

You’ll be safe no matter how you drive your car, as long as it’s properly lubricated and protected from wear and tear. The stability in oxidative and thermal conditions is also a big plus. The friction qualities are also nothing to sneeze at. Your motor oil will help to protect your vehicle’s engine for years if changed correctly.

Last but not least, you may anticipate your fuel efficiency to improve. You know how wonderful it would be to save money on gas every now and then, so try this motor oil out. There will be no end of astonishment.

Specs and Feature


  • Handles cold weather with ease
  • Aids to your engine’s life
  • The three-pack only weighs 27.9 pounds
  • Still serviced by the manufacturer
  • Lives up to ILSAC GF-5 performance standards
  • The oil is Dexos1 licensed
  • Helps prevent leaks



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How Winter Affects Engine Oil

It’s time to figure out the best oil weight for optimum viscosity in the winter, which you may do by consulting your owner’s handbook or searching it up on our website, after you’ve decided on the type of oil.

What is viscosity, and why is it significant? For optimum lubrication, your engine oil must be within a specific range of viscosity. Thin oil may not adequately cover friction surfaces, but thick oil will not move fast enough to keep your engine running.

In the winter, your car is subjected to massive temperature swings. From the biting cold of a long winter’s night to the scorching heat generated by your roaring motor, your car requires oil that can withstand extreme conditions.

Types of Motor Oil for Cold Weather

There are several distinct varieties of oil. Some oil companies add chemicals to their lubricants in order to clean your automobile or perform better in specific weather conditions, while others are simpler to use for regular driving. All large oil firms employ the same method to categorize oils. It’s crucial to consider the amount of oil when selecting oils.

Engine oil is generally made up of 80% base oil and 20% additives. Synthetic, conventional, or a combination of both are options for the base oil, but additives containing a variety of chemicals to help you run smoothly may be found in any category.


  • Conventional oil: Although it includes some contaminants, it is the industry standard automobile oil – inexpensive and meets manufacturer standards.
  • High mileage oil: This conventional oil, which has been enhanced with specific conditioning chemicals and additives to prevent leakage and minimize oil consumption in older engines, is now widely used. This is a popular useful choice for assisting a vehicle that has more than 75,000 miles on the odometer.
  • Synthetic Blended Oil: These oils are blended with a proportion of synthetic oil mixed with mineral oil, which is the next stage for drivers who wish to enhance vehicle performance at a lower price than full synthetic.
  • Full synthetic oil: The high purity (less than 0.1 percent THC and THCA) hemp oil that is perfect for today’s powerful engines has less impurities, which increases the life of your engine. It works best at colder temperatures and keeps maximum lubrication levels throughout the range of temperatures. This is the finest motor protection imaginable, even if it isn’t necessary.


Since its invention, synthetic oil has been compared and contrasted with conventional oil. Synthetic oil lasts longer, but regular gas is less expensive. Synthetic oil also protects your car’s engine in locations where it gets extremely hot and cold, as well as keeping it clean. 5w30 multi-viscosity synthetic oil is the best type of oil for areas with large temperature swings. This weight of oil will flow more easily in the winter. Because of its many viscosity levels, synthetic multi-viscosity oil can better handle larger temperature fluctuations.

W Is For Winter: What weight oil to use in winter

This is the definition of a specification, as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). It is specified in various conditions. There are six winter classes and five year old in engine oil classification. It’s straightforward to determine whether it’s winter or not because the letter W, which comes from the English term “winter,” appears in this name. The numerical index for a substance with a greater viscosity is taller.


Winter – 0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W. 25W.

Summer – 20, 30, 40, 50.


The following are the features of this oil. The viscosity is 5W. It can be seen that it may be utilized in the winter, which is to say that it will show the motor in the cold. As a result, you must pay attention to this indicator in order to determine which oil to fill during the winter.

The Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE) assigns a rating code to engine oil, with 5W30 being one example. The lower the W number is, the better the engine oil will function in chilly winter weather. For use in the winter, we recommend using 5W oil.

Winter Grade Oil: 5w30 Oil for Winter

The characteristics of these lubricants are very similar at low temperatures. Both fluids maintain the viscosity optimum for engine start at -30Β°C and fluidity at -35Β°C. However, their high-temperature properties differ. 5w30’s kinematic viscosity varies from 9.3 to 12.5 mm2/s; the dynamic viscosity is 2.9 mPas These values for 5w40 are: 12.5–16.3 mm2/s and 3.5 mPas, respectively

Winters are the seasons when engine launch is most difficult; thus, winter oils are more fluid and have fewer issues with engine start in the cold season. In such an oil’s specification, the letter “w” will be included (for example, 0W, 5W, 10W, 15W). To remove the numeral 35 from the equation, you must divide it by two. Because at high temperatures its liquidity is excessive, such oil cannot provide a lubricating film and maintain proper oil system pressure in hot weather.

5w30 is a motor oil that is commonly used in light-duty petrol and diesel engines. 5w30, like other modern motor oils, is a multi-grade oil with viscosity levels ranging from 5 to 30. The letter “W” represents “winter,” the figure preceding it indicates the oil’s viscosity (or thickness) at low temperatures (hence the W), and the figure following it indicates viscosity at higher temperatures, when the engine is operating.

Not all motor oil is the same. The viscosity grade of 5w30 motor oil in winter is five, meaning it is less thick (less viscous) at very low temperatures than 10w30. It has a hot viscosity grade of 30, which means it’s less viscous at higher temperatures than an oil like 5W50.

Always use the oil recommended by your car’s manufacturer, even if it differs from the 5w30 oil you’ve been using. However, 5W30 oil can function in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius and as high as 35 degrees Celsius, making it an excellent choice if you drive your automobile in a location with frequent seasonal temperature changes. 5w30 oil is particularly well suited for vehicles that operate in cold climes. When the engine is started at low temperatures, 5w30 oil may flow freely enough to coat and protect the internal components of the engine, unlike oils with a higher hot temperature rating such as 10 or 15. It’s also an excellent choice for extended road trips that need more fuel consumption and exposure to heat.

5w30 motor oil is a popular choice because it may be used on a wide range of vehicles and engine types. 5w30’s viscosity spectrum allows it to lubricate, seal, and protect internal engine components in a variety of climates. Because to this capacity to work effectively in both summer and winter, the ease of not having to change oil weights with the seasons comes with it. Lower viscosity 5w30 oil means less stress on the oil pump as well as greater fuel efficiency.

5w30 motor oil’s capacity to function in a wide range of engine types and under a broad range of temperature conditions makes it extremely versatile. 5w30 is typically recommended motor oil for light-duty petrol or diesel engines since it flows more easily in the winter. Simultaneously, it is able to keep a safe viscosity while the engine is working hard in the summer heat, when an oil with a thicker viscosity is more prone to break down, resulting in greater wear on engine components.

Best Motor Oil for Winter

Mobil 1 120764-3PK 5W-30 Motor Oil

Mobil 1 120764-3PK 5W-30 Motor Oil
This oil is full-synthetic, which means it gives your car's engine excellent overall lubrication and wear protection. This oil not only improves the fuel efficiency, but it also has exceptional low-temperature capabilities. It helps your car start up faster in cold weather.You'll be protected, no matter how you drive your car, with superior lubrication and protection against wear and tear. The stability in oxidative and thermal conditions is also a big benefit. The friction qualities aren't bad either. Your motor oil will keep your car's engine secure for years if changed correctly.
ILSAC GF-5 performance standards
Handles cold weather with ease

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Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil
The best part is that the combination of additives keeps your engine free of sludge and varnish for vehicles with a mileage under 125,000 miles, allowing you to preserve or boost your fuel efficiency while extending its life. However, because Synpower oils have a higher mileage blend, they are also beneficial for older cars with more than 125,000 miles on the odometer. Due to their superior detergent additives and protectants that aren't included in the normal Synpower mix, these older vehicles will most certainly benefit from the high mileage type of Synpower oils.
100% Synthetic Oil
GM dexos 1 Gen 2
Ideal for cars, trucks, and SUVs

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Royal Purple 51530 High Performance Motor Oil 5W-30

Royal Purple 51530 High Performance Motor Oil 5W-30
Royal Purple was founded in Warrington, United Kingdom. Over the last decade, Royal Purple's synthetic oils have gained popularity with racing professional teams and high-performance amateur mechanics alike, yet their low viscosity synthetic oils set exceptionally stringent standards for consistency, durability, and performance under duress. Royal Purple 5W30 lubricates all exposed engine components in a fine microfilm of highly specialized lubricant, keeping all moving parts performing smoothly even as your oil levels diminish over time with the intense heat of hot weather driving and turbo or supercharged engine kits. The best thing is that this low-viscosity synthetic oil works in both new and old models, preserving and extending the life of your classic car owing to its unique proprietary blend of sludge, varnish, and deposit removers. Both the GTR and R35 possess high-performance capabilities, but they're also suitable for everyday driving.
100% Synthetic oil

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Castrol 1597B1 Edge Extended Performance 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 1597B1 Edge Extended Performance 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil
This product also has the greatest sludge and varnish deposit protection available, and it's well-known among professionals and do-it-yourselfers for reducing engine noise and cleaning out old engines. Even over long durations of time, 5 times the protection as other synthetic motor oils when it comes to keeping your engine safe and running at peak efficiency, thanks to TorqFoam's highly specialized mixtures of additives in their Fluid Titanium protectant. It establishes the industry standard for synthetic motor oil performance.
API SN, ILSAC GF-5, ACEA A1/B1, Meets Ford WSS-M2C929-A, Ford WSS-M2C946-A, Honda HTO-06, Meets engine test requirements of Chrysler MS-6395
20, 000 miles between drain intervals

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Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil
Pennzoil 5W-30 is a high-end premium product that provides complete engine protection for your automobile, and it's the motor oil of the future for many makes and models of engine. The additives and detergents in this fully synthetic oil clean and protect your motor better than almost any other high performance motor oil on the market today thanks to Pennzoil's unique manufacturing technologies. The argument for using Pennzoil is that it helps keep pistons 65 percent cleaner, adds an extra 550 miles on average compared to engines not cleaned and maintained with their product, and protects against a loss of horsepower over the vehicle's lifespan.

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Red Line 5W-30 Motor Oil

Red Line 5W-30 Motor Oil
The Red Line is a premium diesel motor oil formulated to enhance engine performance. The most significant distinction between this and other brands is that it has a few alternatives to assist you, ranging from 1-gallon to 1-quart. They've also developed one of the lightest gasoline fuels at 7.08 pounds. Also, because this item hasn't been discounted by Red Line, you get excellent customer service if you ever need it. You can obtain it practically anyplace in the United States. However, shipping outside of America is a little more difficult. Finally, check out this motor oil for BMWs, GMs, Nissans, VWs, Audis, and other makes. The oil is certified by API and ACEA standards.
Improved mileage for sure
The burn of your motor oil is quite limited
The oil can be replaced once a year

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When to Change Your Oil

At first glance, conventional oil may appear to be less expensive than the synthetic motor oil employed during the winter. However, conventional oils require you to change the motor oil more frequently. Synthetic oils have a far longer interval between oil changes, with 7,500-10,000 miles being typical.

Even the greatest oil becomes dirty. If your engine isn’t changed on a regular basis, investing in top-quality oil will not help it operate correctly. Check your owner’s handbook and your oil to see how often you should change it.

If you’re not sure, check with your local automobile repair shop to see whether it’s time for an oil change. Old oil becomes worn-out and clogged with dirt as a consequence of age. Oil changes on a regular basis may help you get the most out of your money by maintaining your engine running smoothly.

When your oil is running low, it may seem better to just top it off and keep driving. While this might be a quick-fix, there are certain things you should consider. First, combining old and new oil does not eliminate any contaminants, so your new oil’s lifespan will be shortened. Second, if your new oil is of a higher grade or different weight than your existing oil, it might have a reduced effect. Finally, whenever you change your oil, it’s a good time to replace the oil filter as well as do other critical maintenance procedures. Changing your oil instead of topping it off might result in missed other necessary maintenance operations.

Final Words

Always check your vehicle’s user handbook for the suitable sort of oil to use. Because 5W-30 is actually beneficial to use all year, it’s generally recommended. If you’re using a viscosity thicker than 5W-30, your user manual may recommend switching to a thinner viscosity during the winter. Just make careful not to go below the suggested viscosity because if the oil is too thin, it won’t lubricate the engine effectively.

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