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2014 – 2017 Ford f150 5.0 Oil Change Guide

The 2014-2017 Ford F150 5.0 is a truck with lots of power and torque, but also lots of miles to go before its time for the next oil change. This blog post will give you all the information you need on when it’s time for an oil change; what kind of engine oil best suits your needs; how often that should be done; and more.


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2014 – 2017 Ford f150 5.0 Oil Type


The first thing to do is check your owner’s manual to see if there are any special instructions about when or what type of oil you can use in your vehicle. You’ll want to take into account any driving habits that may cause extra wear on the engine – such as short, high-speed trips around town or long highway drives.


For 2014-2017 Ford F-150 the iS5W-30 is recommended oil type for this vehicle. At most oil changes, you can top up with standard engine oils if needed but at next change of fluids it must be filled only with 5W-30 grade motor oils. It is a high performance engine that requires specific oils. The recommended oil type should not be topped up with standard, thinning fluids at the next change as this may lead to reduced fuel efficiency and power delivery from your car’s drivetrain.


For the 2014-2017 Ford F150, there are three different engine sizes to choose from. For instance 3.7L iS6 US quart capacity with regard to model year 2013 through 2017 trucks; 7+ quarts for 5 Liter models and 7 liter 6/2 duratec engines which come standard on all fullsize pickup truck cab types except extended wheelbase crew cabs that use gas V8s instead of diesel sixes or eight cylinders.


The 2014 – 2017 Ford F150 is a tough vehicle and can withstand the test of time, but it still needs to be taken care if properly. One way you could do this would by using WSS-M2C945-A compatible motor oil as recommended in our manual with MotorCraft 5W20 Premium Synthetic Blend Oil for these cars!

HIGH MILEAGE OIL FOR 2014 – 2017 Ford f150 5.0

For all 2014 – 2017 Ford F150 5.0 engines, there is only one choice when it comes to motor oil and that is the best high mileage oil – Castrol – GTX 5W-30 High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil.

High mileage oil is best for your car because it will help improve gas mileage and performance, along with protection against corrosion and other factors that could damage or quickly wear out your 2014 – 2017 Ford F150 5.0 engine.

2014 – 2017 Ford f150 5.0 Oil Change Intervals


Ford recommends changing your Ford F-150’s oil every 7,500 – 10,000 miles. For synthetic oils it is usually necessary to change them at 3 times the distance according to their manufacture date and mileage on file with you vehicle records.

The recommended time frame for when people should have their engine’s lubricant changed can vary depending upon what type they drive as well as how often those types drive in certain regions.

However, changing your oil and oil filter every 3 months is far better than the standard of every 6 months. If you use non-synthetic oil then it is best to change it annually or at 10,000 mile intervals.

Manufacturers always recommend using good quality motor oils. Always consult your owner’s guide for more information regarding oil changes.

Best Oil for 2014 – 2017 Ford f150 5.0


The Ford F150 5.0L engine comes with an oil filter that needs to be changed periodically, as much as the oil. If you are looking for the best oil and oil filter for your 2014 – 2017 Ford f150 5.0, we recommend:

Oil (by manufacturer) – Ford manual recommends using MotorCraft 5W20 Premium Synthetic Blend Oil. The  Ford F150 5.0 has a powerful engine with 8 quarts capacity for engine oil, but it is important to use the correct kind of fluid, especially if you want your car or truck running smoothly. API SM certified standard motor oils offer protection at higher temperatures so they are perfect in this situation. MotorCraft oil meets all the requirements.

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Oil (our choice) –  We recommend also Castrol Edge 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil for Ford F150 5.0 because it is safe to use and approved by owners. It can provide better gas mileage, engine protection and performance for your engine.

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Castrol EDGE is Castrol’s most advanced engine oil. It is a premium full synthetic oil that is designed for consumers who demand the best performance from their cars. Castrol EDGE is recommended by leading car manufacturers.

Oil filter (by manufecturer) – If you are looking for a perfect oil filter for your 2014 – 2017 Ford f150 5.0 then check out this Motorcraft FL-500S Original Version Oil Filter.

Motorcraft filters are engineered to the high quality standards of the Ford Motor Company and are recommended by Ford as the original equipment replacement filter for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.

How to Change Oil by Yourself – Step by Step

Doing your own oil changes can save you a lot of time and money. Not only will you be able to avoid the long wait times at most quick lube shops, but you will also save a ton of cash on labor costs. Changing your own oil is not as difficult as it sounds either so if this is something that has always intrigued you then read on for our guide on how to change your Ford f150 5.0 engine oil by yourself!

Step 1.

First thing we’re going to do is remove the oil cap just for the engine breathes a little bit better when draining the fluid. And while you’re up here, it might be a good idea to check your other fluids to see if they need replaced as well.

Step 2.

What we’re going to do now is remove the drain plug on the oil pan it’s a 15 millimeter bolt. Before you remove the drain plug you want to make sure you have a proper catch for the oil.


Position the pan a little bit away from the plug because chances are the oil will come shooting out now and loosening this try to make the smallest mess possible. You want to apply pressure on the bolt. So when you get all the threads out, it’s still in the pan and then you can pull the bolt away as quickly as possible.

The bolt is all the way out but we’re pushing onto it so it’s kind of sealed, then you can just pull it away with all the oil out we can reinstall the drain plug then you can tighten it up. But don’t crank on it too hard. Don’t want to strip the threads on the oil pan. Just make it snug.

Step 3.

If this is your first time under the truck doing an oil change you might be wondering where is the oil filter, it’s not in plain sight anywhere. It’s actually hidden right behind the splash shield filter.


So the filters located right here in front on the bottom of the engine but depending on who installed your filter last, you may or may not need an oil filter wrench to remove it. So we placed the oil drain pan underneath this rubber square here. This is where the oil is going to come out when you remove the filter. So before you remove the filter, remove this square then the oil will drain right out of here into the pan and let the oil drain completely.


Now you can reinstall the rubber square and put on the new filter. Here’s the oil filter that we’re going to be using it’s a Motorcraft filter and before you install it you need to to apply oil to the gasket just to make sure it seals properly. Pour a little bit of oil and then rub the oil on the gasket.


Double check and make sure the gasket came off the old filter if it didn’t and it’s still on the engine and you go to install the new filter you’re going to have a bad time. Finally installed the new filter.

Step 4.

You want to install this filter by hand you do not want to put it on with an oil filter wrench. Only use a wrench to take it off just make it nice and tight by hand. Reinstall the splash guard and get all the push pins back in place.

Now we can go up top and add the oil. It’s not entirely necessary but we will be using a funnel to add the oil to this engine. Remove the funnel and clean off any of the dripping oil so you don’t make a mess and reinstall the oil cap.


Step 5.

Once you get all the oil and you can start the engine and check for any leaks then you want to make sure you dispose the oil properly. Your local auto parts store will probably take the oil change should only take about 30 minutes and before you know it, you’ll be hand on the road.

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