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STP Motor Oil Review

Are you in need of motor oil to serve your engine the best? Great! The STP Synthetic Motor Oil with a mileage of 7000 miles between changing intervals protects your engine from wear. To learn more about the STP motor oil, check our detailed guide given below.

STP Motor Oil Review

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Overview of Features

STP oil review

This motor oil is generated scientifically to protect your engine from the harmful effects of wear, rust, and corrosion. It provides a consistent steady engine operation with less engine sound. Also, it maintains the creation of sludge and keeps the key engine components spotless.

The motor oil fulfills the requirements of ILSAC GF-5, API SN, and all the other API standards. Also, It manages the fuel economy with its affordable price. Although it requires more money than conventional oil, considering the performance and oil change intervals, it might be a pretty good deal for you.

It has an engine capable of covering a lot of miles before in need of oil changes. Typically, it can cover 7000 miles more or less. You may go for miles and the car will still feel as active and responsive as changing oil for the first time. Also, it gives good protection in cold and hot weather.

Additionally, this motor oil might save a lot of your money. Because you will not need to visit the garage frequently for repairs. However, you have to check your car engine if it has any problems from time to time. Otherwise, unchecked oil engine changes can cause complications in the engine and you might not know about it sooner.

Moreover, The wider and easy to pour spout prevents wastage by keeping the oil from spilling. It will keep your engine tidy.


STP oil specifications

  • Manufacturer: STP
  • Brand: STP
  • Viscosity: 5w-20, 5w-30, 10w-30
  • Vehicle Service Type: Cars


  • Useful for both gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Improved fuel economy.
  • Protects engine from severe effects of wear.
  • Cope against high temperature.
  • Steady engine operation and less sound.
  • Enhanced protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Wider, easy to pour spout.


  • More costly than conventional motor oil.
  • Not ideal for high mileage engines.
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    What Customers Say?

    STP Oil reviews

    Generally, the customers of the STP motor oil gave it a good review. They feel that it makes their car super good with smooth operation.

    After using, a customer said about the oil that he/she can cover 7500 miles consistently without changing the oils. He/She also used it for 190000 miles on his/her Ford Focus.

    Another customer said with a 5-star rating that he is using it for some time and used it for thousands of miles. He is happy with the product and will use it in the upcoming days to come.

    Another customer recommended the oil for older Cadillacs and said that she used it for her Cadillacs for around 35000 miles.

    An expert of synthetic motor oil Sam Bell said on the Angi website that longer service intervals can also be harmful as you will open the hood after driving for a long time. So, if your engine develops any complications, it poses a chance that you will not know about it for many miles.

    You may check out this review of the STP motor oil to know about it better – STP Motor Oil Reviews.

    Should I Switch to STP Motor Oil

    STP motor oil can be a good choice for you if you want your car engine to have a lower oil consumption and cleaner engine. It is generally good for both diesel and gasoline types of engines. It is specifically designed for four-cycle engines such as cars, trucks, SUVs, etc. The engine size can be any size. It is most frequently used in diesel engines. If you have a vehicle of diesel engines, then the STP motor oil will provide you the best performance in both hot and cold weather.

    How to Use

    How to use STP motor oil

    You can use the STP motor oil in a diesel engine conveniently as it can stand the high temperatures of the engine. It has thermal properties, which can cope with the higher temperatures of the engine. So, it can give your engine better protection than conventional oils.

    Also, the STP motor oil is good for 5000 to 7000 miles without changing the oil once. Some users also recorded that it can go up to 25000 miles before the oil changes interval. As it requires less oil consumption, you will only need 15 to 24 quarts of oil per year.

    You may take the help of the manufacturer’s recommendations and suggestions of your vehicle’s owner’s manual for having better performance.

    Alternatives to STP Motor Oil

    Alternatives to STP Motor Oil

    Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

    Valvoline full synthetic diesel engine oil is a good alternative to use instead of STP motor oil. It is an innovative additive that offers 50% more protection against wear than the typical industry standard. Also using the full synthetic formula, It can provide a good amount of protection in higher and lower environmental temperatures.

    The long-lasting anti-wear additives and added detergents effectively fight the deposits and sludge. It helps the engine to be more steady and less noisy during driving. Also, the improved antioxidants prevent the motor oil from a breakdown in severe conditions and weather.

    AS the additives stay in the oil longer, it will keep your engine operating at its full capacity. You can also use the Valvoline motor oil in both diesel and gasoline engines.

    Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

    Mobil 1 fully synthetic engine oil is another good consideration for your engine which has a viscosity of 5w-30. It protects your engine from wear, friction, heat, deposits, and sludge problems conveniently. It maintains a consistently good viscosity. Also, it protects the engine for mileage of 10000 miles before oil changes interval.

    It effectively maintains the oxidation to avoid oil breakdown. Additionally, it fulfills the ILSAC GF-6 standards, offers a low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI), and insulates the timing chain wear. It might help you to maintain your fuel economy better and also keep the engine tidy.

    Moreover, the Mobil 1 motor oil supports admirable heat insulation for the internal engine. It also provides support during the low temperature too.


    Who Makes STP Motor Oil?

    The STP synthetic motor oil is manufactured by the American brand known as STP which was taken from “Scientifically Treated Petroleum”. “Energizer Holdings'' is the owner of the brand. The company mainly deals with automotive products such as motor oil and motor oil additives.

    What Are the Benefits of STP Motor Oil?

    There are several benefits you can get using the STP motor oil. Some of them are:
    • It insulates the engine from wear, rust, and corrosion conveniently.
    • It can flow easily in both high and low temperatures.
    • It offers longer oil change intervals: 7500 to 10000 miles.

    Is STP Motor Oil Good for High Mileage?

    No. It is not suggested to use STP synthetic motor oil for high mileage engines. Because it flows easily, it is kind of slippery, and it restrains the wearing of parts inside the engine. However, it can easily go from 7000miles to 10000 miles, with occasionally 25000 miles. You can use it for high mileage engines if you wish, but it is not recommended.

    Is STP Motor Oil Good Motor Oil?

    Yes. It provides an improved and enhanced protection against wear and flows conveniently in all temperatures. It is also easy to use and doesn’t waste oil by spilling.

    Is the Price of this Synthetic Oil Worth it?

    Definitely. Typically, a synthetic oil change is costlier than conventional oil. However, it provides better protection than conventional oil and also lasts longer. It can be a bit more expensive than conventional oil, but it's not out of the affordable range. It costs more, but it will give higher profits in the long run.


    If you wish to have long-lasting motor oil at affordable prices, then STP Motor Oil might help you fulfill your needs. Also, the improved anti-wear properties provide long-lasting performance for your engine.

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