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Top 5 Best Fuel Filter For 6.7 Cummins

The engine is the most essential component of your vehicle, and it must be kept in excellent working order. That’s why you should use the best 6.7 Cummins fuel filter on the market.

The Cummins 6.7 liter diesel engine, which comes standard on the RAM 2500 and 3500 truck, has a horsepower of over 400 and 1,000 pounds of diesel torque. If your engine is large, such as this one, you’ll need a substantial fuel filter to keep it functioning smoothly and effectively.

It’s no surprise that gasoline engines require field filters, as they put out a lot of harmful gases. However, petrol-heads don’t have to be concerned anymore, because we’ve compiled a list of the top field filters for 6.7 Cummins currently available on the market.

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Mopar Dodge Ram 6.7L Diesel Fuel Filter
  • This fuel filter includes a new O-Ring for installation.
  • It's made for 6.7L Cummins engines.
  • This is the genuine Mopar fuel filter and water separator set.
  • Simple Installation
  • Convenient Frame
  • Value for money: πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  • Purchase link: Buy your Mopar Dodge Ram 6.7L Diesel Fuel Filter at Amazon!
Diesly Pro 6.7L Cummins Fuel Filter Water Separator Set for 2019-2021 Dodge Ram
Mopar 68197867AA Fuel Filter
AFE PRO-GUARD D2 Fuel Filter
  • Fits Dodge Diesel Trucks 10-16 L6-6.7L (td)
  • High flow rates and outstanding filtration
  • Direct stock replacement for easy installation
  • Value for money: πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  • Purchase link: Buy your AFE PRO-GUARD D2 Fuel Filter at Amazon!
Cummins Filtration FS43257 Fuel Filter

Our Overall #1 Best for Dodge RAM

Mopar Dodge Ram 6.7L Diesel Fuel Filter

Mopar Dodge Ram 6.7L Diesel Fuel Filter

The Mopar Dodge Ram 6.7L Diesel Fuel Filter Water Separator Set OEM is an excellent filtration device that also includes a fuel and water separator. The water separator must be placed beneath the vehicle’s body, while the fuel filter may be installed underneath the bonnet. It’s worth noting that if your truck was built before 2013, this system will not be required due to the fact that previous models did not have two filters or adequate room for them.

Those with newer trucks, on the other hand, will see considerable benefits from this filtration system. The dual filter system will improve the entire engine’s performance and efficiency. Do not worry if you are dreading the prospect of having to install not one but two separate filters; Mopar provides thorough instructions that make installation a snap.

This kit includes two pieces, an underbody and an under the hood connection, allowing you to change your fuel system as needed. It’s also handy if your vehicle has a little cargo area.

This system is simple to set up and uses the same technology as many other automatic tankless water heaters. It requires little maintenance and comes with a thorough manual to help you get started. With a few tools, you can quickly and easily put this filtering system together.

The Mopar Dodge Ram 6.7 Liter Diesel Fuel Filter Water Separator Set is a fantastic dual filtration system that will raise your truck to new heights. However, you should keep in mind that diesel usually leaks all over the place during installation.

Specs and Feature:

  • The micron rate is excellent.
  • It’s made for 6.7L Cummins engines.
  • This fuel filter includes a new O-Ring for installation.
  • This is the genuine Mopar fuel filter and water separator set.
  • It’s simple to install, but it may be difficult for the first time.

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All You Need to Know about 6.7 Cummins Fuel Filter

A 6.7 Cummins truck has two fuel filters: one under the hood and one beneath the vehicle’s bed. It’s vital to note that not all of these products will include all three filters. To figure this out, check the box for what is inside. Most boxes will also contain everything you’ll need, such as O-rings and gaskets.

In the 6.7 cummins, there are two sorts of fuel filters: spin-on and cartridge. The spin-on filters are steel cans with a paper filter inserted inside. The older style cartridge filters have plastic housings that need special tools to remove them. Make careful before choosing because both of these have benefits and drawbacks, as well as their own advantages and disadvantages.

For most diesel cars, it is suggested that the fuel filter be replaced every 10,000 to 25,000 miles. If you aren’t sure, consult the handbook.

You may just change the filters before you reach that many miles if you wanted to, and it all depends on how much you drive and how hard you push your car. Many individuals, in fact, replace the fuel filter every time they have their vehicles serviced, such as an oil change.

The following are the five most common indications that your fuel filter should be replaced: difficulty starting, non-starting at all, shaky idling, trouble accelerating and your car shutting down. Any of these items might be a symptom of something else, so if things aren’t normal, get your car fixed by a professional. This will save you time and money in the long run because you’ll know what’s wrong with it and there’s less chance of serious damage occurring.

The most common problems caused by a clogged fuel filter are: engine misfire or hesitation, lack of engine power, and random dying or stalling. Take your automobile to a professional if it begins behaving strangely than usual. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem swiftly and will be able to tell you whether it’s something you can fix yourself or if you’ll need them to help with it.

The following are a handful of potential problems that may occur if you do not change your fuel filter: check engine and dashboard lights turning on, performance concerns, and failure of internal engine components. If the internal components of your engine break down, there’s a chance it will create further issues and more severe damage. The ideal time to change the fuel filter is as soon as you suspect something is wrong. This should really assist keep your truck in good running order.

Best Fuel Filter for 6.7 Cummins

We’ve gone through the finest fuel filters for a 6.7 Cummins after conducting extensive research and testing. We’ve also put up a buying guide to help you find a new fuel filter. These are tools that can assist you in your search for a new fuel filter, making it more simple and pleasurable.

Mopar Dodge Ram 6.7L Diesel Fuel Filter

Mopar Dodge Ram 6.7L Diesel Fuel Filter
This filter is a genuine Mopar item. This implies it's of excellent quality and won't interfere with any warranties. It also includes all the other components, such as O-rings and gaskets, that are required for the replacement. These will fit automobiles from 2013 and newer. You'll get a water separator for the Mopar 6.7 Cummins fuel filter, as well as everything else you need to install it yourself. And at this price, conscious users will notice it.
This fuel filter includes a new O-Ring for installation.
It's made for 6.7L Cummins engines.
This is the genuine Mopar fuel filter and water separator set.
Simple Installation
Convenient Frame
Good Functionality
Easy to install
Increases overall truck efficiency
Filters are often damaged or have an open box.

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Diesly Pro 6.7L Cummins Fuel Filter Water Separator Set for 2019-2021 Dodge Ram

Diesly Pro 6.7L Cummins Fuel Filter Water Separator Set for 2019-2021 Dodge Ram
This product was created for individuals who only buy high-end products. This is why Auto Defender (Now DIESLY) created and investigated these filters in a wide range of conditions to demonstrate their strength. The filter's rating is 3.0 microns, which is fine for removing typical pollutants. Throughout the entire service life, the efficiency remains exceptional. And it seems to fit well, adorning current models from 2019 through 2021. Beyond that, the Diesly Pro 6.7L Cummins Fuel Filter surpasses most others with its 6.7 Cummins fuel filter upgrade. The design of this Mopar fuel filter is comparable to that of other manufacturers' filters. For the amount, you may think about it without hesitation.
3 Micron Filtration just like OEM
Premium Guard DF99085 Wix WF10112 Hastings FF1279
Fits 2019-2021 Dodge Ram 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel Engines
Filters are QS9000/ISO9001 certified to meet or exceed OE filtration ratings
High durability and excellent construction.
High durability and excellent construction.
Replacement parts that are identical to the original.
Auto Defender Part DF401-AD Mopar 68157291AA
Design flaws

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Mopar 68197867AA Fuel Filter

Mopar 68197867AA Fuel Filter
Mopar fuel filters are more expensive, however if your budget is tight, you may afford one over this filter. If a decent fuel filter is difficult to come by, this will be ideal for your vehicle. This will improve mileage significantly and maintain engine performance consistent. This fuel filter is different from the conventional kind in that it is made for diesel engines. Advanced high-quality paper is used inside this 6.7L Cummins fuel filter. The best 6.7 Cummins diesel fuel filter for the rear is made by Mopar, which comes as no surprise. Likewise, the price is reasonable taking into account Mopar's value.
Direct Replacement
Built to strict quality control standards
Includes gasket
The ability to catch particles is excellent.
The car is a direct-fitment vehicle.
It gives top protection in all situations.
Construction materials that last a long time.
Slight denting on spots

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AFE PRO-GUARD D2 Fuel Filter

AFE PRO-GUARD D2 Fuel Filter
Pro GUARD D2 Fuel Filters deliver increased flow and efficiency that are demanded in the Diesel environment. This fuel filter is designed for maximum filtration and minimal flow restriction. The Pro GUARD D2 Fuel Filters are direct OE replacement filters to ensure a proper fit and hassle free installation. Photo may vary from actual product. The AFE Pro-Guard D2 Fuel Filter is a sturdy, heavy-duty filter that can withstand even the most extreme situations. Because it does not have a nut on the bottom, installation may be a little bit challenging. The AFE Pro-Guard D2 Fuel Filter is a high-quality fuel filter with maximum filtration ability and no flow limitations that will not clog anything in your automobile.
Fits Dodge Diesel Trucks 10-16 L6-6.7L (td)
High flow rates and outstanding filtration
Direct stock replacement for easy installation
Has a 99% filter efficiency.
Will boost your engine’s efficiency.
Can be bought individually or in packs of 4.
This doesn't include a retaining nut on the bottom.

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Cummins Filtration FS43257 Fuel Filter

Cummins Filtration FS43257 Fuel Filter
This is a sophisticated 6.7-liter Cummins Fuel Filter. It's made for diesel engines and has been built to very tight energy efficiency standards. Its papers are well organized, as demonstrated by the rapid manufacturing process. Cummins Filtration designed the engine. A fuel filter, like a water filter, is used to clean the vehicle's oil. Because there is no rear filtering aid, it lacks any kind of water separator. The Cummins 6.7-liter fuel filter has little effect on the engine's efficiency. The single frontal filter material is sufficient to handle the incoming particles. It is unquestionably a one-time use alternative for the existing filter system. A sturdy structural frame can endure all of the forces applied by an engine. You're ready to have fun with your Ram 2500 or 3500 again.
For 2007 - 2009 Dodge Pickup truck 2500/3500
In a physical sense, it's really compact.
Replacement part for genuine OEM filters.
Installation and setup were simple and quick.
Frontal filtering is a breeze with this model's excellent support.
Limited vehicle compatibility

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Fuel Filter For 6.7 Cummins – Buyer’s Guide

When you’re ready to purchase a fuel filter, there are a few things to think about. These factors can help you choose the proper filter and might save you money in the long run. You’ll also want to ask about any issues that have been addressed. Both of these topics will be discussed in further detail below.

  • Fit

The first thing you should think about is what sort of vehicle you have. Fuel filters are not interchangeable between vehicles, no matter how hard we wish they were. For example, a Cummins fuel filter won’t fit a little Honda, and vice versa. It’s critical to know the year and model of your car so you can get the proper filter. If necessary, you may replace the same type of filter that was removed.

  • Limitations

The expiration dates are also important to consider. A fuel filter, like other goods, will only last a set period of time. However, not every filter is going to have the same lifespan. It’s critical to get filters that match your car and see which one has the longest lifespan. Rather than having a shorter-lasting filter that must be replaced in a year or two, it’s preferable to have a more durable one.

  • Brand

Some people care only about obtaining certain brands, while others consider it essential to stick to only one or two. The major reason for this is that some manufacturers are recognized for doing a superior job than others. If you want the finest of the best, you’ll need to limit your search to specific manufacturers. If it’s not a big issue, you can get almost anybody you desire.

Filter Materials

Consider how you’re going to use the film before purchasing it. If you want to use it in a commercial shoot or similar situation, then pick one that’s suitable for such usage. Because each of these has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, finding the best one is crucial. The following are some of the most popular media sorts available.

  • Cellulose- The nature of these filters is similar to those made from paper and resin-bound plant material. They’re primarily utilized for particle removal rather than fine filtration.
  • Microglass- Synthetic fibers that are smaller and more uniform than cellulose’s fibers are used to make these. It has a very long life span and is ideal for biofuels.
  • Hydrosorb/Hydro glass- The presence of chemicals such as silica and fluoride allow them to function as dust traps. They are also utilized for two purposes: particle removal and water absorption.
  • BioTek High Alcohol- We routinely see these filters in automobiles, where they are used to remove impurities from E85 and B100 gas.
  • Monitor Filters- The USP-8X is an alcohol/gasoline detector that can detect the presence of water in gasoline and the development of phase separation in ethanol blends.

How to change your fuel filter in 6.7 Cummins

On the driver’s side of the engine block, Cummins fuel filters are installed. They’re located below and aft from the intake horn and utilize a single filter element for both fuel filtering and water separation. So now they come with a two-piece design, with the water element and fuel element in separate shells. So be sure to verify which version you have.

The filter is screwed into the body from below, and the base of the unit is fixed to the head. The water drain valve is located at the bottom of the units, where housing is also where the water in fuel sensor (WiF) resides. The WIF will notify you by lighting a light in your instrument cluster, and you may utilize the water release valve to empty out any remaining water from the cannister.

Step 1: The filter should be the first item you look for.

Step 2: Remove the canister from the vehicle and fill a bucket with clean water. Remove the white drain valve assembly to drain out any remaining fuel from the container. This is unavoidable, so be prepared for a filthy situation.

Step 3: Remove the drain valve’s drain hose and WIF sensor wiring harness before you begin. Then remove the drain hose and WIF sensor cable from the drain valve. Disconnect the fuel filter housing assembly from the mounting base to remove it. Don’t try this if you’re using an oil filter wrench because the plastic housing may be damaged.

If you don’t empty the tank, it will spray everywhere and the bucket will usually catch around 40% of the garbage. Using inert sand or sawdust that is more combustible to collect gasoline on a large scale using a lot of rags on the ground.

Remove the o-ring from the filter housing and check it for completeness. If it isn’t complete, remove it from inside the filter.

Step 4: Prepare your new filter assembly for installation. If you’re just replacing the filter element, make sure there aren’t any particles in the canister. It may be cleaned with diesel fuel and no solvents to avoid harming the plastic casing. If the housing is damaged, it must be replaced entirely.

Remove the old filter and clean the o-rings with engine oil. Insert the new filter, pushing it all the way to the top, then lubricate the o-rings with fresh engine oil and insert them into the filter housing and element. Take note that you mustn’t pre-fill the filter with diesel fuel; this will be done by your car’s engine.

Step 5: The cleaning procedure is easy. Simply remove the cap using a screwdriver and rinse under cold water. In order to prevent clogging, always clean the filter base before inserting it back into the housing. If there are any particles on the cap, it will immediately clog the filters. So, when transferring the cap, make sure that the inner part is covered until you tighten it on. Connecting

Step 6: Don’t start the car yet. Simply turn the key on, let the fuel pump run for around 20 seconds, then turn off the key. Do this twice; this will fill the filter with diesel. After you’ve completed two cycles, put your truck in gear. If your vehicle won’t start, check to see that your filter housing connections are tight and that the drain valve is closed.

Final Words

You should be able to make a decision after reading the following sections: The buying guide and the FAQ parts. The most essential aspect is to choose a product that works best for you and keeps your vehicle running smoothly. Fuel filters for 6.7 Cummins may be changed at home if you’re not sure what you’re doing, but you’ll definitely want help from a professional. However, if it isn’t installed correctly, it won’t perform as expected and you’ll waste more time reinstalling everything to figure out what went wrong.
When it comes to engine performance, many people overlook the importance of fuel filters. Fuel filters are one of the most essential elements of engine operation because they protect your engine from particles that would otherwise clog it up and make driving a lot less fun. You can’t go wrong with any of our top picks! Your vehicle’s engine will thank you for it.

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