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Radiator Services

As part of Dave's comprehensive Radiator Service, trained mechancis will:

  • inspect your radiator and hoses for signs of cracks or leaks
  • flush your radiator, hoses and engine block to remove all old fluids and built up debris
  • replace old fluid with high quality radiator fluid that meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications
  • dispose of old fluid using environmentally safe containers.

This service is important because:

  • Overtime, radiator fluid breaks down, reducing its properties which can then cause the engine to run at higher temperatures and lead to problems with overheating.
  • Regular replacement can extend radiator and engine life which will inturn help reduce costly repairs in the future.

To schedule a time to have your Radiator Serviced, call Dave at 467-6066.

More about Radiator Services

As your friendly neighboorhood mechanic, we get a lot of questions about radiators. Here are a few of the more frequently asked questions: "What does a radiator do?", "What does it mean to flush a radiator?", "How often do I need to have my radiator flushed?" and "What do mechanics do when they 'service' my radiator?"

The radiator is an intrecate part of your system. It's job is to keep the car's engine cool, preventing it from over heating and potentially seizing. Maintaining the right levels of coolant or anti-freeze in your car's engine is the first step in maintenants and vital to the proper care of your car's cooling system components. 

Any good full service oil change will offer to "top off" your fluids which ensures you have the right amount and concentration of coolant or anti freeze for proper engine performance. They should also inspect the system for leaks and cracked hoses. If these seemingly small things go unnotticed, they will sprial into costly damage down the road.

In addition to routine inspection and topping off of radiator fluids, a radiator flush may be recommened at different life spans of your vehicle. The best time to flush your radiator depends largely on the vehicle you drive. New vehicles need serviced less frequently while the older a car gets, the more frequent it needs flushed. A radiator 'flush' is just like it sounds, a trained mecahnic will flush the system to remove all the old liquid and built up particles of rust and debris that will cause damange to the system.

To schedule a time to have your Radiator Serviced, call Dave at 467-6066.

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